SRI DryQ Hair Dryer Review – It’s Got Dyson’s Features?

Buying an expensive blow dryer can be complicated. Not every pricey hair tool is worth the money. In our previous review on Sri Salon Dry Pro, we thought that hair dryer is not that cost-effective. And we’ve got the latest SRI DryQ here, let’s see what’s changed and what kind of performance boost it has. I’ve heard this SRI DryQ dryer is also a strong competitor to Dyson, we will see if it is true.

SRI DryQ Intelligent Hair Dryer Review – It Became more portable

Compared to the old Dry Pro hair dryer, the new DryQ from Skin Research Institute looks completely different. The SRI DryQ dryer has a very slim dryer body and it becomes super lightweight thanks to the design. According to the official specs, the SRI DryQ weighs only 11.8 ounces. If mini dryers are excluded, the dryer is considered to be one of the most lightweight dryers on the market.

Another advantage of this SRI DryQ dryer is that it features a folding handle, which allows the dryer to be smaller and easier for storing. This is great whether you’re going on a trip new or organizing your hair tools in a drawer.

SRI DryQ Hair Dryer Review – More Smart Features

When it comes to hair care technologies, red light technology and intelligent heat controls are the stars of this new SRI DryQ hair dryer. SRI claims that their Red Light therapy is better than regular hair dryers’ heat as the red light can be more effective in drying hair without causing serious heat damage from nichrome wires. Besides, SRI says the red light technology also stimulates scalp circulation and helps hair growth.

Like the Dyson Supersonic, the SRI DryQ hair dryer can control and regulate the heat automatically based on the temperature of the dryer. Although SRI did not shed some light on how this works in detail, it sounds like a useful feature for preventing hair burning and heat damage.

I’m not surprised that the SRI DryQ intelligent hair dryer comes with infrared technology and negative ion technology as well, these features are not something new in 2022. Your cuticles will be protected and your hair can be more hydrated and shiny with negative ions and infrared heat.

What I like about the SRI DryQ hair dryer is that it is a 3-speed dryer, this means you will have 3 speed settings to choose from while regular hair dryers only have two speeds normally. 3 heat settings and 3 speeds allow you to have more precise airflow and flexible drying modes.

Styling Performance – It’s small but still reliable

Although the size of this SRI DryQ hair dryer may make you think this dryer is not as effective as a full-sized dryer, its power is not that weak actually. The SRI Dry Q hair dryer’s got a narrow barrel so the airflow would be more precise and easier to control. You can see that SRI even says this dryer even dries hair 3x faster (it might be exaggerating), but it really shows their confidence that this SRI DryQ blow dryer is not something inferior with a low-quality drying motor.

Pricing – It’s a costly dryer

You might not be familiar with the SRI dryer, but it is a very expensive product. Its retail price is $349, and you usually can get it at $299 on their official website and other online stores. And you may get a better price when there’s a deal on special days.

My Verdict – SRI DryQ Hair Dryer vs. Dyson Supersonic


It’s hard to say which hair dryer you should buy without knowing your needs, but here are the pros and cons that you need to know.

Compared to Dyson, SRI DryQ’s biggest benefit is that it’s way smaller, which makes it a good tool for traveling. Also, a smaller hair dryer can release the pain when you style hair for a long time. Apart from that, the narrow dryer delivers airflow more precisely, even without a nozzle. Surely, you can attach the magnetic concentrators, which makes you have more control while styling. Another feature that stands out is that the SRI DryQ dryer does better at adding shine and smoothness to hair shafts thanks to its multiple hair care technologies. Lastly, it is more affordable than the Dyson dryer.

For people who prefer a powerful futuristic dryer, Dyson Supersonic is still a better choice. With a large dryer body, the Dyson v9 motor can provide stronger airflow than the DryQ dryer. And it’s also important to note that Dyson can be slightly quieter than the SRI DryQ dryer, even though SRI says the dryer only reaches 79 sound decibels when working. I also wanna point out that I still prefer the classic heat & speed settings, I am not quite used to the new preset modes on the DryQ dryer. Although the SRI DryQ dryer hair has a memory function, the positions of buttons on Dyson are easier to adjust. On top of that, Dyson provides more available attachments to buy besides the basic diffuser and concentrator nozzles.

SRI DryQ Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Hair Care Technology
  • Drying Power
  • Styling Performance
  • Price


SRI DryQ Hair Dryer Review


  • Portable Design
  • Advanced Hair Care Features
  • Decent Drying Performance without Damage
  • Magnetic Attachments


  • Buttons Are Not Easy to Use
  • Slightly Pricey

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