Straightening Hair with Only a Hair Dryer – Is That Possible?


Straightening hair does not have to be complicated. Guess what, you can straighten your hair with a blow dryer at home. Yes, sometimes you do not necessarily need a flat iron or any straighteners to get the job done. And the heat generated by the iron may cause burnt smell & damage on your hair. … Read more

Take Hair Dryer in Hand Luggage – Things You Should Know


Are you planning on taking your favorite hair dryer with you when traveling but not sure if taking Hair Dryers in hand luggage is allowed? Here is the good news: Yes. According to the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration, you are allowed to take hair products in checked luggage and carry-on luggage on plane … Read more

Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzles that You Need to Know


You may have noticed that there are some hair dryers have a couple of nozzles in the package. But what do these blow dryer nozzles do exactly and how will they help with drying your hair? Let’s find out together! What is Hair Dryer Nozzle? Hair dryer nozzle, can also be called as a concentrator, … Read more

Do You Know How Many Watts a Hair Dryer Use? See This Guide First!


What’s up, I believe most people have thought about electric energy consumption and electrical safety when using a hair dryer. But do you know how many watts a hair dryer use? And what will happen if our hair dryer uses more watts than the outlet’s wattage limit? And We also have heard saying like: The … Read more