Revlon One-Step Titanium Vs. Regular – Should You Upgrade?


Which dries and styles your hair better, the affordable original Revlon One-Step dryer brush or the upgraded Titanium edition? If you’re buying a new hot hair brush, should you go for the expensive titanium brush? And if you’re already a regular Revlon brush dryer owner, are the differences between the new titanium surface and original ceramic … Read more

Hair Brushes with Retractable Bristles – They Accommodate All Hair Lengths


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Real vs Fake Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer


What if you bought a fake Revlon One-Step hair dryer? Should you ditch it immediately? Don’t rush, we’ve tested a fake Revlon One-Step hair dryer and it actually made us pretty surprised. If you want to know what are their differences, read on to see our detailed comparison between the real Revlon One-Step and the … Read more