Fake vs Real Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – How to Tell?

Nobody wants to spend money, especially a lot of money, on a counterfeit Dyson hair dryer.  But the problem is that there are a lot of fake Dyson hair dryers that look pretty similar to the original one on the market. If you have never used a real Dyson Supersonic blow dryer, these hair dryers can deceive you.

Today I’m going to show you the differences between the fake Dyson hair dryer and the real hair dryer. Most importantly, we will show you how to spot a fake Dyson hair dryer. If you want to find out if your dryer is real, jump to part two directly.

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Fake vs Real Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – What’s the Difference


It is really hard to tell which one is a knockoff and which is real by the looks. They even can make the dryer completely bladeless, just like the real Dyson Supersonic hair dryers. If you take a look at their packages, you will find nothing useful. The fake Supersonic dryers nowadays come with a pretty legit box and they even have buffing pads, which are identical to the real ones.

However, there are three common spots that can be used to identify if a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is real.

First, Dyson Supersonic have four buttons in total, some cheap knockoffs do not even have heat buttons and speed buttons. And these fake buttons usually have a small gap aside, which means they are not perfectly made for the mold. Besides, real Dyson hair dryers have a small white ring on the surface of the power button, which is something that most counterfeits will not have.


Second, for users in the U.S, the plug of a real Dyson dryer has to be a GFCI plug, which has an extra reset button and a test button. If you are living in the states and the Dyson dryer that you bought does not have the GFCI plug, you’d better be careful.

Third, we all know Dyson’s attachments are magnetic and they are pretty secure and hard to fall off. If your Dyson hair dryer’s nozzle is not magnetic, then it is 100% fake. If it is magnetic but it is pretty weak, it can be fake too.

Performance – Heat Settings & Sound

Real Dyson Supersonic hair dryers have three speed settings: gentle, regular, and fast. And it comes with four heat settings. When you change the airflow speed or temperature, the indicator lights near the setting buttons will change too.

Many low-quality Dyson knockoffs have settings that are not the same as real ones, some even do not come with a working airflow speed control.

According to tests, the drying motor of a fake Dyson hair dryer is not as effective as a real Dyson’s v9 digital drying motor. With that being said, the real Dyson dryer obviously is more powerful when both hair dryers are set to the highest settings. The real Dyson’s airflow is much stronger and the heat is hotter significantly compared to the Fake Dyson dryer. (But you may not notice any difference when the settings are low)

Another thing is that the sound of a fake Dyson hair dryer is a little bit different. But I have to be honest with you, all the fake Dyson hair dryers that I have seen, they are not louder than the original ones. They do have different tones and pitches, but I can not really tell if the fake one is louder.

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How to Spot Fake Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Real Quick

You Dyson Supersonic Can Be Fake If:

  • It is not bladeless


  • The power button doesn’t have a white ring inside


  • It does not have 3 speeds and 4 heat settings


  • The control buttons are low-quality and have gaps


  • The attachments are not magnetic or have weak force


  • The Dyson text on the dryer and the attachments are not clear or can be easily rubbed off


  • It is sold in the US, but it does not have a GFCI plug


12 thoughts on “Fake vs Real Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – How to Tell?”

    • I have the exact same problem! I bought mine from an Ebay seller in Malaysia. It did say only if it’s sold in the US it should have the GFCI plug. I guess we need to call Dyson.

    • Our Dyson HD03 from an eBay seller also came with 2 prong standard plug. Everything else looks well made and authentic. I called Dyson, and they confirmed the serial number is valid and unregistered. The rep also took the time to research for additional details. As far as he can determine, this model in the U.S. has only a standard 2 prong outlet. Also… The owner’s manual online and with the product doesn’t say anything about resetting the CGCI. It only says to check the outlet power.
      The rep set up an online account and registered our product for us. NOTE: He had to override the standard warranty since it was not sold by them, and said the warranty technically expired in Dec 2020. Must be old stock, which may account for the lower than full retail price we paid.

  1. My Dyson I received as a Christmas gift from my mother this past year 2020. I Loved this item with all my Guest/Clients. But, where not even in April so about 3 months and my New Dryer Just stops working on a Brazilian Blowout Straightening Treatment. I would like someone to please email or texte back. I am very upset, this Dyson Dryer keeps Turning off. My Husband made sure it was not clogged. Very upset

    Sharon Guild

    • You should call or email the Dyson company as the hair dryer has an EXCELLENT warranty! If Dyson can not fit it they will replace it..whichever they end up doing it will be free of charge to you. Dyson really stands by thier products! Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Don’t bother taking yours to Dyson. Mine had that same “turning off” problem, because the rubber piece on the Power button kept slipping in between the button and the top of that slot, so it will not stay on. I took mine to Dyson Sales & Service here in Austin, Texas, this afternoon for repair. The Dyson representative informed me that this unit is a COUNTERFEIT. He said that Dyson does not use the non-GFCI electrical plug or the thin cable that is on my unit. He told me that even the serial number is fake, even though it could be used to register on the Dyson website for warranty or product registration. I purchased this unit on Ebay from Seller ID thanossnaps (Order number: 04-06477-64060). It was described “Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer HD03 Newest Generation BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED! I&F,” which, according to Ebay, that Seller had sold five units, including mine. Ebay asked me to file a criminal complaint online. Be careful, when buying on Ebay, even when an item is described as new and factory sealed, from a seller with 5,500+ positive feedbacks. Good luck with getting your money back!

    • Thanks I was ready to buy one and there are many on Ebay selling for 288 new right now HD03 I am tempted to buy this as a gift but I know there are good fakes and even though I could get my money back all the sellers have low sales and I’m Not confident
      I will spend an extra 20$ and buy from a more reputable seller on ebay.

  3. I bought a dyson on ebaY for $288. I thought I was ok since the box looked real and was shrink wrapped. The feed back was good. I then saw a video about how to spot a fake. Mine has the ring on the button, but the plug of course was wrong and the wording on the box was not right. I then tried to register the product on the dyson website. The error was ” sorry we can’t find that number try again” I contacted ebay and they contacted the seller. I got a refund , but the seller didn’t want the product back. Not sure why?

  4. I purchased mine on eBay in July 2022 and it was the same situation and price as described by the other buyers. I called Dyson and learned the serial number was already registered in 2019 and that it had expired in 2021. So I am returning it to eBay. I also filed a complaint with eBay, stating exactly what the Dyson rep told me. What gave me concern was the plug issue and also the Malaysia location printed on the so-called tag, both which made me suspicious. Apparently, these are reconditioned hair dryers with used and/or cheap new parts that may seem like a nice product at first but which do not last long. Thank you for this article forewarning buyers. Certainly, do not order any product like this that you do not immediately try to register by telephone to know if it is genuine, so that you can immediately return it if not. Apparently, all the hair dryers sold by these people are old dryers purporting to be new but which are refurbished with cheap parts. Buyer beware.


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