Where to Buy Dyson Hair Dryer & What’s The Best Store

Buying a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a big investment, so choosing a reliable store is a must.

A popular store does not always mean it will provide the best service and products. If you want to save more money and have the best shopping experience when buying your Dyson, you should not miss this post.

I will list all the pros & cons of the following online stores that are selling Dyson products to help you. Before you place your order, let’s have a look and see the best place for purchasing a Dyson hair dryer.

Here is a table of the best spots for buying Dyson Supersonic or Dyson Airwrap.

Where to BuyDyson Official SiteAmazonSephoraUlta BeautyeBay
Why Should You Shop HereLatest Product Updates

Exclusive Hair Dryer Editions

Immediate Tech Support
Fast Delivery

Big Discount on Special Days
Complete Dyson Product Lines

True Customers' Reviews

Best Makeup & Beauty Community
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Official Refurbished Dyson Hair Dryer

1. Dyson Official Website – Best Place to Get the Latest Dryer

You can always find the latest Dyson hair dryer model on their official website. If you want to try Dyson’s new-launched product, the official store is definitely the first place that you need to go.

Besides, some exclusive models are only available on their site. For example, there are a few special editions of its Supersonic dryer coming in different colors such as rose red and bright blue.

Regarding its shipping, Dyson’s official website says orders usually will be shipped in 2 days. But they only process your order on business days. That is to say, if you place an order on Saturday, Sunday, or any public holidays, there can be a shipping delay.

And there is another thing that I’d like to mention. Unlike other online retailers that have promotion events frequently, you won’t find many deals on its hair dryer on the official website. But they will list some great bundles on their site from time to time, which can provide you a huge discount.

2. Dyson’s Amazon Store

I believe most of us will turn to Amazon immediately when purchasing a hair tool. Dyson has an Amazon store as well. But unfortunately, they did not upload many hair dryer products to their Amazon store.

So you can see there are only two basic Dyson hair dryers on their shelf currently.

Amazon is a company that has its own membership which is called Amazon Prime. After becoming a prime user, you can have a faster shipping service. For some eligible zip codes, you can even have FREE Same-Day Delivery.

Amazon usually has its shopping holiday “Prime Day” in July, the event is exclusive to Prime subscribers. And tons of merchants will offer special deals on Prime day.

To buy a Dyson hair dryer, Amazon may not be the best place to go but it might have the biggest discount on special days.

3. Sephora

As one of the biggest multinational chain of beauty products and personal care, Sephora features over 300 high-end brands. It is a sure thing you can find Dyson hair dryer at Sephora easily.

Unlike Amazon, Sephora has almost all the Dyson blow dryer models. To my knowledge, Sephora will also update those special editions on their site as well as there is one available at Dyson’s official store. For example, they are now selling Dyson’s latest straightener which you can not find on Amazon.

Besides, Sephora has the most reviews left by customers if you want to buy a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. You can also join their community where tons of people share their experience & insights.

Regarding shipping, buying a Dyson product means you don’t pay any shipping fees at Sephora and the package will usually come in 3 days.

4. Ulta Beauty

Similar to Sephora, Ulta Beauty is another popular chain of beauty stores in America. Ulta offers more than 25,000 products from over 500 beauty brands and they even have their own private label. Compared to Sephora, you can find more budget beauty products & hair products at Ulta.

In Ulta’s store, the fuchsia/iron classic model of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has hundreds of reviews & feedbacks. They also allow customers to ask questions about this product on their product page. So if you want to know something about this Dyson blow dryer in detail, besides asking Dyson’s staff, see the questions & answers at Ulta may solve your problem more efficiently.

The shipping is totally free if you buy a Dyson blow dryer on Ulta. If you are living in the states, Ulta provides a reliable package delivery service. However, I have heard a few people said Ulta’s shipping date sometimes can be a bit late.

5. eBay – Best Spot to Buy Refurbished Dyson Hair Dryer

If you think buying a brand new Dyson blow dryer is too expensive and you don’t want to turn to an unreliable second-hand dealer. eBay is the best place for you as you can save about 30% of your budget.

Dyson has an official store on eBay where you can find all the brand new & refurbished Dyson products including Supersonic hair dryer and Airwarap hair styler.

Sometimes people will worry about the quality of a second-hand product, especially when buying an expensive tool like Dyson.

Don’t worry, you can also get a 12-month Dyson official guarantee if you buy the refurbished blow dryer from there.

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