Done Hair Total Styler Review – A Versatile Styler from the UK


When you see the Done Hair Total Styler, I believe the best word you can use to describe the product is versatile. The lately launched styler is from a British brand and it seems that the small hair tool can do many jobs and replace the place of your existing tools including dryers, curlers, and … Read more

Best Hair Dryers for Dreadlocks – Blow Dry Dreadlocks Faster


We don’t need to wash our dreadlocks every day. But if we decide to wash our hair, a great hair dryer perfect for dreads and locs and a correct blow drying routine are very important. If we don’t properly blow dry dreadlocks when they are wet, then they might smell bad. Using a hair dryer … Read more

Blow Dryers for Dominican Blowout – Salon Grade Hair Dryers


Love the glamour of a Dominican blowout? It is not difficult to get one at home. But, the most important question is: Do you have a qualified blow dryer for a Dominican blowout? What Blow Dryer Is Good for a Dominican Blowout? It Should Be Hot Enough Besides a nice straightening conditioner and hair spray, … Read more