Enzo Milano BX Hot Air Brush Review

I don’t have thick and twisting hair, thankfully, so I don’t need to have a complicated blow-drying routine with a super-powerful dryer. Thus, a hair dryer brush will simply do the trick. The question is: will a pricey brush dryer do better than my cheap Revlon One Step? So I decided to try out the Enzo Milano BX Hot Air Brush, which is definitely an expensive option on the market.

Appearance – Okay but not special

The whole product is covered in a black finish – I thought it’s pretty cool but it might look kind of boring for some people. It doesn’t have many differences compared to those regular hair dryer brush, it has a large oval barrel and a thick handle. If you’re prone to buying a low-key brush, This is it.

Styling Performance

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t give me a better result compared to my old Revlon brush.

Not only are the temperature and heat settings very similar but its bristles are pretty much the same as my Revlon and Hot Tools.

Luckily, it’s still a qualified product. When my hair tends to become humid and flat — especially after a shower — this hair brush can effectively lift my hair up and create nice curls on the ends.

Ideal to style wavy hair and define your curly strands, this Enzo Milano BX hot air brush gives a smooth touch to your hair outer layer without causing damaging traction.

My Verdict – Overpriced, not worth buying

If you’re on the market for a hair dryer brush that doesn’t break the bank, this is not a smart choice. I am not saying this product is an extremely pricey one, it’s just the prices on different platforms really bother me. The official says the retail price is $159.99 while the original price is $220. But I also have seen the price on Walmart is $99, even though it’s out of stock for now. The most confusing part is that the price on another site is $69.99.

Plus, after using the product, I prefer to choose a similar product from popular brands. Price-wise, it is not considered an affordable hair tool. Performance-wise, it doesn’t give you any advanced features. It’s obviously smarter to go for a cheaper model or a real high-end brush with intelligent technologies.

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