Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush Review – Dryer Brush in 2023

Is the new Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush an upgrade to classic hair brushes like Revlon One-Step? Well, there are some different features that you need to know, let’s see if this Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush is worth a buy.

What you need to know about the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush

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Plavogue includes a conventional oval brush design along with ION technology for frizz-free and smooth hair. We like how the Plavogue allows you to use the hair dryer brush anywhere in the world with the Dual Voltage feature and the included travel power adapter. Not everyone needs a travel hair brush, but having a versatile dryer that can be used in many countries is definitely a PLUS.

How does the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush perform on my hair?

Seemingly similar to other hair dryer brushes on the market, the Hair Dryer Brush from Plavogue has a big barrel and soft bristles, which creates less tension and friction. However, the downside is the brush doesn’t give a strong hold when you want to style your hair with a blow dryer together.

Like other hair dryer brushes, the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush has 3 settings to choose from – Cool, Hot, and Hot+. To be honest, this brush doesn’t dry your hair very fast but the good thing is that it doesn’t have a burnt smell and won’t have visible damage on your strands. With the Negative ION technology and soft tufted bristles, the Plavogue brush does not make your hair frizzy and fuzzy in the styling process.

What I like about this Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush

The Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush is a good fit for travelers. The brush is so convenient to use in most countries and the motor will change voltage automatically. The hair dryer brush even comes with a versatile power adapter for working in the US and Europe.

Strength number two: the position of the controlling button is more ergonomic. With regular hair brushes that have a setting dial at the bottom of the handle, you will need to use both hands if you want to adjust the temps or speeds. But you can get it done with one hand with the Plavogue Hair Dryer push button, even in the middle of the styling process.

The very last thing is the elegant color of this brush. Unlike most brushes with common colors of plastic, the gold finish of the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush stands out in today’s market.

What’s not so good about the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush?

The Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush is acceptable in performance, but it is nearly 50% costlier than the most common Revlon One Step. Even though a high price usually gives you more features and technologies, the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush doesn’t have a surprising thing that makes it irreplaceable in 2023.

Compare the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush to an even cheaper hair dryer brush like the Revlon One-Step, the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush won’t make your hair feel better even though it’s a recently introduced hair dryer brush.

Should you buy the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush Review?

Being a styling brush with a hair drying function, this is really a great and versatile hair tool designed for people who need to travel a lot. Although I love the how I can change the settings with the brush, the feature of this dryer is actually not super competitive nowadays. Besides, there are a lot more options from top brands that have better support, service and product warranty. However, it still makes sense to purchase the Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush if you really need the Dual Voltage, the price is not extremely overpriced after all.

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