Cortex Beauty Air Blade Hair Dryer Review: How I Feel About It?

If you want to get a good blowout without having wrist fatigue, you’ll need more than one traditional hair dryer that is heavy and bulky. The Cortex Beauty air blade hair dryer looks like a new worth-trying option for people who need a new sleek and aesthetic dryer, promising Pro drying performance and a super lightweight design. But does it really work like a professional hair tool? Here’s what I found.

Cortex Beauty Air Blade Hair Dryer

Design and Build Quality:

The Cortex Air Blade has a popular sleek design that can be seen on many lightweight hair dryers these days. It has a slim dryer body, which comes with a narrower air vent, providing focused and faster airflow.

Despite the fact that the Cortex AirBlade will remind you of Dyson a little bit, the motor is not located in the handle. But the dryer is also well-balanced and ergonomic enough for people who like easy styling.

On their official website, you can see the hair dryer comes with 5 color options, all of which are sleek and stylish. However, if you take a look at its temp button, you will know you can’t have advanced settings on this hair dryer. It only packs one button that allows you to adjust temp and speed at the same time. And you only have two levels of heat when it comes to hot blow drying.

Blow Drying Performance:

Does the Cortex dry your hair? Yes. But does it lives up to its promise and dries your hair like a pro? Nah. I was able to dry my hair within 30 minutes and it’s actually longer than regular hair dryers. And I was on the highest heat setting, not to mention the drying time of low setting.

To be honest, the hair dryer is not even better than an average hair dryer in terms of power. Luckily, its blue ionic technology worked nicely, which helps give my hair hydration and softness after styling.


You know there are a lot of dryers, even some expensive ones, they don’t include a diffuser in the package. Fortunately, the Cortex Air Blade is not one of them. The hair dryer packs three attachments, which is pretty good. You will have a narrow nozzle, a wide nozzle, and a diffuser in the box. However, these are just plastic attachments and they are not magnetic. The good thing is that they click in the dryer pretty well and they won’t fall off easily.


If you wanna buy the dryer from Cortex Beauty’s official store, the Air Blade is definitely on the expensive side for a hair dryer, with a price point of around $250, and I guess nobody is going to buy such a dryer at this price unless they’re stupid. However, you can get this hair dryer at $79.99 if you go on Amazon. I wouldn’t call this a high-end hair dryer because of its lack of technologies and features, and $79.99 is a fair price.

Cortex Beauty Air Blade Hair Dryer Review



  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Sleek design and multiple colors
  • Affordable price point
  • Three attachments


  • Confusing price on the official website
  • Basic temperature settings
  • Not foldable

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  1. worse ever, when I dry my hair the dryer folds and then the defuser doesnt stay on it falls off. I called the company and only thing they said was ” sorry take it back to the retail store u bought it from. Well I couldn’t because it was already 60 days and no returns after that. cortex has worse customer service for satisfaction. Hair dryer is in almost new condition with the exceptions of the 2 issues


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