It’s a 10 Heat Protectant Review – Leave-In Conditioner & Blow Dry Miracle H2O Shield

As someone who loves protecting fragile hair from various hot tools, I decided to take a look at a brand that I am not familiar with – It’s a 10 haircare. Sure, I’ve seen them online, but I never tried their products in person. So I just bought two heat protectants from them and want to know if they’re really a 10 for me. I bought two protectants because they are not created equal, and I probably would be biased if I chose the one that doesn’t for my hair type.

It’s A 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Spray Review

The heat protectant is not designed to be something groundbreaking, it protects and smoothens your hair, that’s it. If you are in need of a hair spray that gets the basic job done, this is a good fit for you.

The first advantage of this Haircare Miracle Spray is that it is not as greasy as other leave-in conditioners, the heat protectant is lightweight, providing excellent detangling benefits and it tames frizz on my hair ends nicely. It’s one of the products that I will recommend to people who need a lightweight conditioner that doesn’t weigh hair down, but it also means that it doesn’t provide hold to your hair. It can’t be used as a styling support spray to lock in your style. Other than that, if you are not into scent, it might be challenging for you to accept the smell of this heat protectant spray.

Also, this It’s A 10 heat protectant that helps you to block heat damage from irons and dryers, it doesn’t heal damaged hair shafts and cuticles. A professional hair treatment is needed if your hair is already significantly damaged.

As for the price, its’ price on the official site is $40 for 10 oz. It looks pretty expensive, but the official store’s prices are higher than many resellers. You can get the exactly same product on Amazon for $24.

Overall, I will give this It’s A 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Spray a hard 7 for its solid heat protection, smoothing ability, and fair price. It’s not something magical that brings dead hair back to life, but it is a worthy-choosing product that will give you no discomfort.

It’s a 10 Blow Dry Miracle H2O Shield Review

The Blow Dry Miracle H2O Shield is another heat protectant from it’s a 10, but it is kind of different from the conditioner spray above.

It is incredibly lightweight and you couldn’t even notice it when you are blow drying your hair. The heat protection prevents your hair from burning and damaging by your dryer. The reason is that the ingredients are healthy and cruelty-free The Miracle H2O Shield spray does give you great thermal protection and it boosts hair shine effectively but I feel that it couldn’t be the right product for people who want their hair extremely smooth and glossy.

I use this heat protectant for only easy blowouts because I find it is not powerful enough to soften my hair during the flat-ironing process. Besides, it says the spray can repel water, but you may find that this product doesn’t do enough to fight humidity and keep your hair vibrant and frizz-free in particularly humid areas. The product is not efficient enough compared to other creams and serums when it comes to dealing with stubborn frizz.

In one word, the Blow Dry Miracle H2O from It’s a 10 is a product that boosts your blow drying results, but it’s not an essential product. There are many hair products that can do the same thing on the market. Nevertheless, it’s still a good additional heat protectant for various hair-drying needs.

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