Foxybae Cool AF Heat Protectant Spray Review


Summer is coming, what can be better than a spray with sweet summer fragrance when buying a new heat protectant for hair? Infused with special formulas, the Foxybae Cool AF heat protectant spray with sunflower scent is a popular hair product that protects your hair effectively. We’ve reviewed the Foxybae Cool AF heat protectant spray … Read more

Pick a Heat Protectant Spray for Dry Hair – Get Rid of Dry Hair Easily


Dry hair is vulnerable, especially when you are using a powerful blow dryer that is very hot. Luckily, there are some heat protectant sprays for people with dry hair out there. Whether you’re looking to remove the dryness on your hair, reduce frizz, or simply block your hair from heat damage, we’ve got you covered … Read more

Best Hair Dryers for Dreadlocks – Blow Dry Dreadlocks Faster


We don’t need to wash our dreadlocks every day. But if we decide to wash our hair, a great hair dryer perfect for dreads and locs and a correct blow drying routine are very important. If we don’t properly blow dry dreadlocks when they are wet, then they might smell bad. Using a hair dryer … Read more