Cortex Beauty Air Blade Hair Dryer Review: How I Feel About It?


If you want to get a good blowout without having wrist fatigue, you’ll need more than one traditional hair dryer that is heavy and bulky. The Cortex Beauty air blade hair dryer looks like a new worth-trying option for people who need a new sleek and aesthetic dryer, promising Pro drying performance and a super … Read more

Bondi Boost Sonic Hair Dryer Review – Is it a Good Dryer in 2023?


While innovative lightweight hair dryers have been around for a while, it’s only recently become more attractive to me. Usually, lightweight hair dryers don’t generate airflow that is hot and strong enough for me, and there’re are not many famous hair tool brands that have hair dryers with new lightweight designs. But, the Bondi Boost … Read more

Cloud Nine Airshot Vs. GHD Air Hair Dryer – Which Is Lightweight and Good


Besides the GHD Air hair dryer, the Cloud Nine Airshot is another lightweight option that gives you professional hair drying performance, it was designed to provide strong air without adding a heavy motor. Is this Cloud Nine hair dryer a better choice compared to the GHD Air hair dryer? You will find the answer here. … Read more

Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 – Diffuser & Hair Dryer Review


What can you buy in 2023 to make blow drying curly hair more effective? A blow dryer and a round brush? A hot air styling brush? A premium diffuser? Now, you have a new option – the Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 is a combination of an innovative hair dryer and a giant diffuser that provides … Read more