Cloud Nine Airshot Vs. GHD Air Hair Dryer – Which Is Lightweight and Good

Besides the GHD Air hair dryer, the Cloud Nine Airshot is another lightweight option that gives you professional hair drying performance, it was designed to provide strong air without adding a heavy motor. Is this Cloud Nine hair dryer a better choice compared to the GHD Air hair dryer? You will find the answer here.

Design – GHD Air Looks More Advanced

The Cloud Nine Airshot is the basic model of Cloud Nine’s Airshot series, it also has a pro version that gives you more fancy technologies and a slimmer body. However, the Cloud Nine Airshot itself has nothing particular on the outside, it looks like a normal black hair dryer that you can see in a drugstore.

The GHD Air is a high-end lightweight hair dryer, and it’s pretty easy to tell that the product is well-made by its mental-textured accessories on the dryer. The push control buttons are placed on the back of the handle, which is not very common. It also has an advanced version – GHD Helios. In terms of design, the GHD Air is obviously more aesthetic.

Which of these lightweight dryers is easier to hold?

The Cloud Nine Airshot and GHD Air, these two dryers are both very lightweight, even the GHD Air dryer is heavier slightly, but you would not notice much difference at all when holding them in hand. However, when you actually have them in hand, there is a noticeable difference, it’s not about weight, it’s the way that you control the temperature and speed.

Frankly speaking, the Cloud Nine Airshot is more comfortable to hold and easier to operate due to the positions of the buttons. It’s because GHD Air’s back buttons are easy to touch accidentally by palms, and it’s not very convenient to adjust the settings in the blow drying process. But, the handle itself of the GHD Air is ergonomic for left-handed and right-handed both.

How about hair-drying performance?

Both of these hair dryers offer 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. So there’s not a big winner in this game. When it comes to comparing drying performance, both hair dryers work decently since both of them are quite expensive models, but there’re still some differences from each other in some aspects.

The wattage of the Cloud Nine Airshot is 2000W and GHD Air’s wattage is 2100W. They both provide extremely hot air and the air comes out immediately when you set the setting on high. From my personal experience, the maximum heat of the GHD Air is not as hot as the Cloud Nine Airshot’s. But that could be a double-bladed sword, high heat can dry your hair faster but it can also bring heat damage and frizz to your hair shafts.

One thing I love about the GHD Air is that its concentrator attachment is more effective than Cloud Nine, the nozzle included in the box is narrow and long, which disperses air evenly and softly.

Specs that you should know

You should know that specifications for the GHD Air vary significantly in the UK and the US, and it is important to pay attention to the model and version when making a purchase. Specifically, the GHD Air in the UK has different weights and wattages to adapt to UK’s power voltage. So don’t get confused when you see GHD Air dryers that don’t have the same specs. As far as I know, the Cloud Nine Airshot is currently not available in the US.


The Cloud Nine Airshot is about 20 pounds more expensive than the GHD Air on Amazon UK, which pushes me to the GHD Air further(You can get a free blow dry spray on Cloud Nine’s website though). Despite the price difference, the overall performance between the two products is not significant. Therefore, I would give it to GHD Air for sure since its appearance is my type and the back control buttons are acceptable to me.

My Verdict

There’s no clear conclusion about which performs better on my hair since they are both qualified and perform at a very high level. My personal opinion is that GHD Air is the better choice today because of the fact that GHD comes with a better concentrator nozzle, and it’s more affordable in the UK. Besides, I love the design that the GHD Air offers.

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