Zuvi Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – It’s time to get an expensive dryer?

A hair dryer doesn’t have to be fancy, but an expensive hair dryer usually can give you more features and better results. For people who are familiar with hair tools, Dyson Supersonic is definitely a nice choice. To be honest, I didn’t know Zuvi until their ads popped out on a Youtube video I was watching. So I’m kind of skeptical about its performance. However, we’re seeing some reviews saying that the Zuvi hair dryer put Dyson in the shade. Is that possible? Let’s find out in this Zuvi vs Dyson Supersonic review.

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – Which has a better design?

If you put a Zuvi Halo hair dryer and a Dyson on a table together, you will find they’re pretty much alike. But, Dyson Supersonic is a mature product, and it offers more options in colors compared to Zuvi Halo hair, which only has one version that comes in white. When it comes to their coatings, Dyson has a more metallic finish on the outside while the Zuvi is slightly rougher, but I do like the matte texture of the handle of the Zuvi dryer, which is not slippery at all.

The Dyson Supersonic was the most creative design when it was officially launched on the market. Even though there’re more and more similar dupes coming out these days, Dyson Supersonic is still one of the most beautiful hair dryers with its unique bladeless compact design.

The biggest difference between the Zuvi Halo hair dryer and the Dyson Supersonic dryer is the drying system. As you can tell, the Dyson Supersonic has a fully hollow dryer body, which is because the drying motor of Dyson is located inside of the handle. As for the Zuvi hair dryer, it’s a completely store – Zuvi combines infrared light and airflow to dry your hair, that’s why you see a glowing part on the front.

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – Which is easier to use?

Both Zuvi and Dyson hair dryer are pretty lightweight compared to regular full-sized hair dryers, making them easy to hold and you won’t have hand fatigue.

The way that you control and adjust the heat settings is not exactly the same. even though they come with similar button designs. You don’t directly control the heat and speed with the Zuvi hair dryer, it offers you 5 drying modes to accommodate different drying needs. You will have care, fast, soft, style, and cool to select, and each mode will have a preset temperature and airflow speed.

In this aspect, Dyson is more like a traditional hair dryer with heat and air speed buttons, what’s good about the Dyson heat system is that it comes with 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings. The extra flexibility allows you to fully control the temperature and wind precisely.

In my option, the Zuvi is very friendly to beginners as you don’t need to figure out what setting is most effective on your hair. But Dyson gives more options, and it would be more powerful when you are a pro in hair styling.

Which Performs Better – Zuvi or Dyson?

If you are looking for a hair dryer that styles your hair well, I prefer the Dyson Supersonic. It has hotter and strong airflow that shapes your strands immediately. Thanks to the hot airflow, you are able to build volume easily, especially when working with a round brush. Both hair dryers’ accessories are magnetic, but the Dyson Supersonic also has better attachments for various drying needs. Instead of providing a basic nozzle and diffuser, Dyson also offers attachments for taming flyaways and unwinding hair tangles.

Protection-wise, I believe the Zuvi hair dryer is taking a lead in this aspect. It’s because it’s not a traditional hair dryer. Zuvi hair dryer utilizes its LightCare™ Technology, which simulates an early morning sun and cooler wind to protect your hair from damage, so your hair won’t expose to high heat, and it helps your hair stay sleek and smooth after the blow drying process. Although Dyson claims it has an intelligent system that detects your hair dryer’s temperature, it still gives your very hot air directly, so it might not be as healthy as the Zuvi hair dryer when it’s on the highest setting. Surely, you can change the temperature anytime when you feel it’s too hot.

Which dries your hair faster? Surprisingly, I thought the Zuvi hair dryer will require more drying time since it comes with a low wattage motor and lower temperature, but it didn’t lose to the Dyson Supersonic. Both hair dryers dried my hair quickly in 20 minutes and the Dyson gave me a more voluminous feel while the Zuvi made my strands softer and more manageable.

Final Verdict – Which Is More Worth Buying for Me?

Dyson and Zuvi hair dryer are both pretty expensive compared to other hair dryers, but they do have their unique strengths. For me, it takes time to get used to the Zuvi drying system. Everyone has their own standards, but my personal choice would still be the Dyson hair dryer since it’s got adjutable heat settings and powerful airflow, and the brand is more trustworthy than Zuvi.

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