Adagio 2000 Blow Dryer vs. Dyson Supersonic – Dyson Is Way Better!

It’s been roughly six years since the Dyson Supersonic came out in September 2016, it’s still one of the most advanced and most expensive dryers in the world. Are you convinced that cheaper blow dryers can be as amazing as a Dyson Supersonic in 2022? However, we tested a Dyson Dupe – Adagio California Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer, the result showed that the Dyson Supersonic is still worth the money.

Adagio 2000/2100 Blow Dryer vs. Dyson Supersonic

Why the Dyson Supersonic is better?

What makes the Dyson Supersonic stand out is its impeccable design. I realized that many hair dryers took the outside look of the Dyson Supersonic, but none of them are able to be completely bladeless, including the Adagio 2000 blow dryer, which still uses the old structure of a traditional dryer.

Dyson’s patented and powerful brushless v9 motor is embedded in the handle of the dryer, and Dyson utilizes its Air Multiplier technology to make sure the airflow is controlled, high-velocity even the motor and propeller are not close to the dryer’s nozzle.

The exterior material of Dyson is premium, it feels like metal but it’s lightweight, and it’s smooth and comfortable to hold. While you can see clearly the Adagio 2000 blow dryer is coated with cheap plastic.

I would never say the Adagio 2000 blow dryer is a professional hair dryer because of its basic heat/speed settings. You can see there’s only one control button for adjusting temperature and air speeds, which makes it lack precision and flexibility. On the other hand, the Dyson Supersonic comes with 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings, and you can easily control them separately. Also, the Dyson Supersonic dryer has a sensor that has intelligent heat control that can detect the temperature frequently to prevent heat damage.

Another significant advantage is that Dyson has a variety of hair dryer accessories and attachments that you won’t find in other brands. Dyson’s magnetic attachments are not just basic concentrators or diffusers, they also have some unique ones like Flyaway attachment and Gentle air attachment.

Is the Adagio 2000 Blow Dryer worth buying?

It’s impossible to compare the Adagio dryer’s drying performance with Dyson Supersonic since the wattage of the Adagio motor is lower than Dyson. I’m not saying the Adagio dryer is useless, the performance is acceptable, it’s just not that powerful.

But, with a folding handle, the Adagio 2000 hair dryer is more portable and easy to carry for travelers.

And another factor that makes this dryer popular is that it’s way cheaper than the real Dyson supersonic hair dryer. If you only care about the look, the Adagio 2000 blow dryer is actually not a bad option. But I have to remind you that never go to the site to buy an Adagio hair dryer, they list extremely high prices there, and the prices on other online resellers are much lower.

How to choose between the Adagio 2000 Blow Dryer and the Dyson Supersonic?

It’s clear that you shouldn’t choose the Adagio 2000 if budget is not an issue for you, the Dyson Supersonic wins in almost everything. The Dyson dryer has more intelligent airflow and temperature controls, and it is equipped with the latest hair dryer attachments.

However, a Dyson Supersonic will cost you more than $400. You will have to decide which one best suits your needs. If you are attracted by the cute design, the small and portable Adagio 2000 hair dryer will allow you to have more flexibility on the road.

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