Parlux Advance Light vs 385 Powerlight Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a Parlux hair dryer and interested in Advance Light or Powerlight, you might be wondering what differences these models have because they all look quite similar! However, not as everyone expected, these hair dryers are almost the same after our tests, you basically can’t tell any difference, but we still love to share some trivial knowledge that they are not identical.

Designs & Colors

Considering most expensive blow dryers are equipped with a well-designed streamlined body, the Advance Light and 385 Powerlight are a bit boring and monotonous with their traditional designs. They are slightly different if you take a look at their handles and product curves, but nothing significant.
The color options for Advance Light and 385 Powerlight are not completely the same, but the good thing is that both the Advance Light and 385 Powerlight have plenty of colors to choose from. You can have normal colors from black, white to special ones like ice and matte blue.

The Parlux Advance Light and 385 Powerlight almost have the same weight thanks to their identical sizes, the 385 Powerlight is a hair lighter on paper, but you wouldn’t feel any difference when you actually hold them.

Motors & Power

According to the official specs on Parlux website – the Advance Light comes with a motor with K Advance technology while the 385 Powerlight model has a K-Lamination motor. The biggest improvement of the K Advance motor is that it lasts longer than the K-Lamination motor, Parlux claims that the Advance Light can work over 2500 hours and 385 Powerlight’s motor life is 2200 hours. Besides that, the wattage of the Advance Light is slightly higher than the 385 Powerlight(2200W vs. 2100W), so the airflow power is theoretically better.

Actual Drying Performance

Think about this: Can you really tell if the airflow velocity is 80m³/h or 79m³/h? Can you identify which hair dryer provides temperature 2 degrees higher?

I can’t, even though the Parlux Advance Light seems a more advanced model based on specifications, both Advance Light and 385 Powerlight are the same in practice. They have the same temperature settings, ionic & ceramic technology, and attachments. You barely can’t feel you are using different models.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the power and drying performance of both dryers, and they are worth the price. I’m just saying that they don’t have obvious features since they have different names.

Which is the better option? Parlux Advance Light for sure!

Considering the fact that they don’t have any special features, both Parlux Advance Light and 385 Powerlight are great fits for hair. The only factor you need to consider is the price, the Parlux Advance Light’s retail price is $260 and the price of the 385 Powerlight is $255. The prices may be a bit lower on other retailers, but the Parlux Advance Light is always a few dollars more pricey than the Powerlight.

So I strongly recommend you buy the Parlux Advance Light with a more powerful and long-lasting motor, and it only costs you $5 more.

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