Mermade Hair Dryer Review – The Cute Version of Dyson?

If you’ve seen the Mermade hair dryer and want to know more about it, I believe you’ve got attracted by the hair dryer’s cute appearance and popular design. The hair dryer is really a hit for girls today with its stylish look and bright color, making it a hot tool on many social media. It’s a pretty new hair tool, but will it give you vast improvements over other regular dryers in the blow-drying process besides the look? Find out in this review.

Mermade Hair Dryer Review – Specs

The Mermade hair dryer is nearly 1.5 pounds, it’s not extremely lightweight but it’s a decent weight compared to most dryers today, it’s not going to give you any bad feelings or burdens even if you hold it for 30 minutes. But I personally prefer a curvy handle that is more comfortable to hold instead of a completely straight one.

The Mermade hair dryer is equipped with a 1800W drying motor, it claims that it’s a “Powerful” motor on its website. But we all know that 1800W is just a standard for most full-sized hair dryers, it’s not bad but will I call it powerful? I don’t know.

Looking at its settings, the hair dryer from Mermade offers regular 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, and it adopted Dyson-like round buttons instead of boring traditional switches. However, it only comes with one button to adjust the power and speed, which means you can’t change the temperature and airflow flexibly as you do on a Dyson Supersonic.

Mermade Hair Dryer Drying Performance Review

Just as I expected, the Mermade hair dryer didn’t really surprise me with its drying power and performance, it’s just like other regular dryers that I had before. And I was not happy about the one-button control because it’s not super convenient to get the right temperature immediately.

The good thing is that you can easily change the angles of the airflow as its mini-sized body allows you to do it effortlessly. The cool shot button is good to use. And the ionic airflow technology also delivers negatively charged ions to get your hair protected from frizz and dryness. Besides, the Mermade hair dryer has two concentrators for different uses, which helps you to get your hair blow dried quickly and style your hair professionally. However, it doesn’t have a diffuser in the box, it might be a little bit upsetting for curly-hair lovers.

Is It A Good Dryer to Buy? It Depends

The Mermade Hair Dryer is a good Instagrammable hair tool for simple blowouts because it looks cute, and you can get your hair quickly and nicely dried with its decent performance. It has a very compact design and it’s smaller than most dryers, so it is a good option for people who need a travel hair dryer (It doesn’t have a dual-voltage feature).

While the hair dryer doesn’t utilize many new technologies, and its power, settings, and attachments are not enough to make it a salon-grade blow dryer for professional use.

Price-wise, the Mermade dryer costs $79 and you might see a slightly lower price on other resellers, which is a reasonable price for a well-designed, family-friendly dryer.

Mermade Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Power
  • Technology
  • Attachments
  • Price


Mermade Hair Dryer Review


  • cute design
  • small & compact
  • two styling nozzles
  • great price


  • basic heat settings
  • no diffuser


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