Remington Proluxe Hair Dryer Review

The Remington Proluxe is not the most advanced hair dryer of its generation. But you may be interested in it since it’s one of the most popular models on Amazon UK. Will you regret buying this blow dryer? Here’s see this review and hear what other customers say.

Design-wise, it’s a decent dryer

Aesthetically, the streamlined design along with the narrow nozzle makes for a truly worth-trying hair tool. It has a beautiful finish and compact buttons that are easy to operate during the drying process. But it doesn’t have more special designs other than the shape and color, everything is traditional.

Performance – reliable but not surprising

The hair dryer is a high-wattage model, which has a 2400-watt AC motor that offers hot and consistent airflow, but it is not visibly more powerful than my 1875-watt dryers. As a regular hair dryer, it’s qualified. But don’t expect too much just because of the 2400-watt motor.

There is not much to talk about the performance, it’s just a regular dryer with decent drying controls and hot air, and the temperature can be set from 150-230 degrees Celsius. Surely, you have a cool shot button that is easy to use.

But I have to give a thumbs up to the slim nozzle, which concentrates the airflow and makes the heat distribution even and nice. Its nozzle is a great tool to shape your hair with its rapid airflow and you can have salon-grade blowouts easily at home.

Should you buy this Remington Proluxe Hair Dryer?

So the question is this: is it really worth the price? Absolutely yes! It only costs about £40 on Amazon UK, and it’s a bargain for a dryer from a big brand with decent performance. It’s not going to give you a game-changing experience, but it’s a go-to option when you are shopping for a hair dryer for family use.

Remington Proluxe Hair Dryer Review


Reasons to buy

  • Quality design
  • Decent Performance
  • Slim Nozzle
  • Affordable

Reasons not to buy

  • Average Power
  • Basic Features & Controls

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