Why You Need A High Wattage Hair Dryer – Buying Guide & Reviews

We know that wattage is an important metric when choosing a hair dryer. Usually, the higher the wattage is, the hotter the hair dryer is. That is to say, high wattage hair dryers will dry your hair faster compared with low wattage hair dryers.

But how to pick a high wattage hair dryer for the family is a problem for many people. Want to know what to look before you purchase and what high wattage blow dryers are worth buying? Let’s jump into it.

What is High Wattage Hair Dryer

Typical wattage of hair dryers for home use is under 2200w, so if a hair dryer use more than 2000 watts per hour can be called as a high wattage hair dryer. In most of the cases, high wattage hair dryer’s have higher heat and faster airflow.

People usually buy high wattage hair dryer for 2 reasons:

Home Use:

If you have pretty long and thick hair that needs a long time to be dry. And you find the current hair dryer can not meet your needs, then you can go for a hair dryer uses more watts.

Professional Salon Use:

A salon or a barbershop needs high wattage hair dryers to make sure the drying efficiency. We absolutely don’t want to wait a long time to dry our hair completely when having our hairstyling.

Besides this, using a high wattage hair dryer that has a nozzle can maximize the airflow speed so that it’s easier and faster to style your hair.

Best 5 High Wattage Hair Dryers

Deinppa Ionic Hair Dryer 2100 Watts Professional Salon Blow Dryer

With a stylish black & yellow color design, the Deinppa has become a solid choice for professional salons.

The wattage it uses is 2100 watts per hour, which provides you with powerful and fast speed airflow and hot temperature. The hair dryer has 2 speed buttons and 3 levels of heat control, you will get 135°F constant heat to help you dry hair effortlessly.

And the nano-ion and tourmaline ensure your hair shiny and smooth. They also claimed that the axial flow impeller would be good for reducing turbulence, and the airflow you get will be gentle and comfy.

TREZORO Professional Powerful 2200 watt Ionic Salon Hair Dryer


With a high wattage (2200 w) DC motor , this TREZORO will dry your thick hair super fast.

The rose gold element and a matte finish make this hair dryer comfortable to hold and 2 concentrators included are useful to style your hair easily.

You will also have 3 heat settings and 2 speeds to adjust. And the ceramic tourmaline technology is featured as well to soften your hair to give you a fresh look. What’s more, the built-in ions generator will transfer ion to help you get rid of annoying frizz.

Omwah Turbo 2500 Watt Hair Dryer for Salon

Although the Omwah blow dryer does not come with an attractive look, it is still popular on the market.

The 2500 watt is pretty high when it comes to regular hair dryer’s usage, and it can generate very hot airflow. The heavy-duty thick cord makes the hair dryer durable and long-lasting, and you can barely see tangling occurred.

The whole hair dryer weighs about 2 lbs, which is solid and can work for a long lifetime. The only drawback is that it only has 2 heat settings, which is not precise enough.

ROSILY 2200W Salon 2 in 1 Hair Dryer


The Rosily is another reputable brand of producing high wattage hair dryers.

Besides the 2200 watts AC motor, another reason why this model is worth buying is that the hair dryer has 4 speed settings and 6 heat settings. That is incredible! You have more options when styling and drying your hair.

The hair dryer’s surface is made of nylon material, and the life expectancy they promised is 20-year.

Unlike other blow dryers, this model included more than regular concentrators in the package. You will also get a comb nozzle in this set.

SOMOYA 3500 Watts Hair Dryer with Blue Light


The Somoya 3500 watts hair dryer is the highest wattage hair dryer on this list and it is the only model whose wattage is over 3000 Watts here.

Also, the model uses an anion generator to eliminate hair static and protect your hair better. And you don’t need to worry about the high wattage will cause the hair dryer to overheat as it contains a thermostat and temperature fuse to make sure your safety.

The 3 speed and 3 heat settings easy to change, and the air filter is removable. If you are planning on using it in the salon, that’s a really nice idea.

How to Choose a High Wattage Hair Dryer?

Heat Setting and Speed Setting

A typical professional hair dryer would have 2 speeds and 3 heat settings. Of cause, the more heat and speed settings you have, the more precise you can style your hair. Avoid buying hair dryers with on 2 heat setting, that would be not convenient enough for most of the cases.

Hair Dryer Technology Matters

You should always choose a proper hair dryer based on your hair quality, not the price. And hair dryers may have various technologies that are designed for differnt types of hair.

Although a hair dryer use high wattage can dry our hair faster, but what we want is more than “faster”, we want “faster” and “better”.

For example, if you want to reduce frizz and have a shiny finish, then you should consider tourmaline negative ionic hair dryers. If you want something that has low or no radiation, Infrared hair dryers are your best option.

Good Dryers Don’t Come Cheap

We’ve mentioned we do not buy a hair dryer just because it is popular and expensive. But we should always know that it’s ok to buy an extremely cheap hair dryer. Hair dryers from unknown brands may have potential dangers, and we don’t want the hair dryer will be tossed after several times’ use.

Always try to buy a reputed brand’s hair dryer, such as Conair, Remington, Jinri, etc. I know that not everybody can afford a deluxe Dyson, but do not purchase cheap trash at least.

Safe Tips on Using High Wattage Hair Dryer

Be Careful with Your Outlet & Circuit

We’ve talked about what will happen if your outlet can not handle a high wattage hair dryer when we talked about how many watts a hair dryer uses. So if you are buying a high watts hair dryer, make sure your outlet can handle the wattage, or it will be very dangerous without knowing the info.

If you are taking the hair dryer abroad, you should also check if the voltage of your hair dryer is compatible with the local voltage. If your hair dryer has a dual voltage setting, then do not forget to adjust it. If it does not have a dual voltage setting, you might need a voltage converter to get your hair dryer working properly.

Do not Get too Close

We know that the high wattage hair dryers on the working condition are pretty hot and the airflow is so fast, so your hair will get burnt if you get too close to it.

You can try a concentrator nozzle attachment, which can prevent hair from getting burnt easily. But the most important thing is to keep a proper distance (at least 20mm) when blowing your hair.

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