No More Burdens! – You Need A Lightweight Hair Dryer

When you go abroad with your hair dryer, you definitely do not want your hair dryer to slow down your pace. That is to say, a heavy and bulky hair dryer can be a nightmare when it comes to taking your blow dryer out of your home.

Therefore, a portable, lightweight hair dryer is a must-have if you are having the same problem. In today’s guide, we will share our top list of the best 5 lightweight hair dryers on the market. And we will list every hair dryer’s weight, so you do not need to do any extra research. Without further ado, let’s jump into our topic today!

#1. How Do We Define A Lightweight Hair Dryer?

Usually the weight of a regular-sized hair dryer is between 1.2 – 6 pounds because of various shapes and materials. Thus, in this guide, the hair dryers listed by us are all under 1.2 pounds, which is a pretty light standard in the whole hair dryer industry.

#2. Top 5 Lightweight Hair Dryers

1. Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

This Revlon model comes in 3 colors, and you can choose from black, yellow, and pink. And the weight of this Revlon is 1 pound, which is pretty light for a 1875w hair dryer.

With a 1875 watts wattage, the hair dryer offers a great airflow speed and you have 2 settings to adjust the speed. And you will see there is a cold shot button which can be used to cool your hair to give your hair a beautiful style.

If you are looking for a lightweight hair dryer with a decent airflow, then this is a solid choice for you.

2. BaByliss Pro BABNT053T Lightweight Travel Hair Dryer

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium mini hair dryer has always been a hot choice when it comes to travel hair dryer.

With only 9.6 ounces weight, which is about 0.6 pounds, the hair dryer is popular for many reasons.

The very first one is the portable design. You can see the size of this dryer is pretty small, and the handle can be folded. That gives you more flexibility when you pack this hair dryer in your luggage. And the hair dryer features dual voltage settings, whether you are going to take this dryer to Europe or Asia, you are totally fine to get the hair dryer working without a voltage adapter. Besides, the removable filter makes it convenient to clean the blow dryer during the trip.

3. Conair 1875 Watt Compact Lightweight Hair Dryer

This Conair compact hair dryer comes in mini size, and its’ weight is only 4 ounces. This lightweight hair dryer has a small size though, it still comes with strong power. You have a full 1875 watts of drying power and enables you to get your hair completely dry out in a short time. And there are 2 heat & speed settings for you to style your hair on the go.

The hair dryer is originally designed for travel, so it has a dual voltage for worldwide use. But thanks to the great power and lightweight design, it’s also a popular choice for home use.

4. Slopehill Hair Dryer Professional Salon Lightweight Hair Dryer

The slopehill hair dryer has a modern design look, and it weighs less than a pound. According to its product description, the hair dryer’s weight is 410g, and you get a lot of features that comes with it.

With a powerful 1800 watts motor, you can dry your hair fast effortlessly. There are 3 heating settings and 2 speed settings, so you can adjust the airflow’s heat and speed conveniently.

There is a full set of attachments included. You will receive a nozzle, a concentrator and a diffuser as well. So you do not need to buy anything else. You can also see what these concentrator nozzles work here.

5. Jinri Mini Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer


Here comes another great travel hair dryer from Jinri. The mini lightweight hair dryer weighs 1 pound.

The Jinri uses Tourmaline ceramic technology to give you a nice drying experience, and your hair will be less frizzy and more smooth. And there is a narrow hair dryer nozzle in the package to help with your hair styling.

The only thing that we don’t like about this model is that it only works on a 1000w wattage.

#3. Pros and Cons of Lightweight Hair Dryers

Well, after seeing these awesome lightweight blow dryers, are you getting excited and ready to purchase? But, before you click the buy button, I’d want you to know there is a trade-off between the portable feature and its power. So I’m glad to share some advantages and disadvantages of buying a lightweight hair dryer in this part.

Pros of Lightweight Hair Dryers:

Easy to Carry

I believe that most of the people who are searching for lightweight hair dryers are looking for something to carry easily. And lightweight hair dryers usually come in mini sizes and compact design to reduce its’ weight. So it’s no doubt that you can take the hair dryer with you or pack in your luggage easily.

Low Wattage Use

Hair dryers with small weight are typically made for portable & versatile use, so it will not be able to contain a super powerful & heavy airflow generator inside a cute light look. So lightweight hair dryers usually use fewer watts than regular hair dryers. And you are able to save more energy and spend less money on power.

Cons of Lightweight Hair Dryers:

Airflow Not Fast & Hot Enough

Because of the limit of low wattage, a lightweight hair dryer uses low wattage may not have enough power to generate enough heat and speed.

Lack of Advanced Features

There are some advanced hair dryer technologies may need extra parts to function. So if it is a hair dryer is super light, it may not have some high-end technology to do some work to your hair.

#4. Other Things to Consider When Buying Your Lightweight Hair Dryer

Cord Length

If you read the product’s description carefully, you will find there is a huge difference between the cord lengths of every hair dryer’s brands. And you should always make sure you have the right cord length before you buy.

Dual Voltage Settings

A lot of people need a lightweight hair dryer because they need to take it to another country. But different countries use different voltage settings. For example, a singer voltage American hair dryer can not work properly in European countries. That’s why a dual voltage feature is also important for lightweight hair dryers.


Well, now we know that lightweight hair dryers are portable and useful though, but you do need to make sure if it is really what you need. If you have any advice and suggestions about this topic, feel free to leave your comment below!

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