How Many Types of Hair Dryers Do You Know? What Should Be Your Choice?


It has been over 100 years since the very first hair dryer was invented in 1920. The hair dryer industry nowadays is getting more advanced and more technological at a fast pace. People are no longer satisfied with a simple blow dryer that only drys hair. They expect more smart drying features and they hope … Read more

Why You Need A High Wattage Hair Dryer – Buying Guide & Reviews


We know that wattage is an important metric when choosing a hair dryer. Usually, the higher the wattage is, the hotter the hair dryer is. That is to say, high wattage hair dryers will dry your hair faster compared with low wattage hair dryers. But how to pick a high wattage hair dryer for the … Read more

2020 Best 5 Hair Dryers that Work on Low Wattage


We know that hair dryers use higher wattage usually have a higher temperature that allows you to dry your hair faster. However, there are some occasions that people do need a low wattage hair dryer. So today we are going to see why people need low wattage hair dryers, and what low wattage hair dryers … Read more