Bondi Boost Sonic Hair Dryer Review – Is it a Good Dryer in 2023?

While innovative lightweight hair dryers have been around for a while, it’s only recently become more attractive to me. Usually, lightweight hair dryers don’t generate airflow that is hot and strong enough for me, and there’re are not many famous hair tool brands that have hair dryers with new lightweight designs. But, the Bondi Boost sonic dryer recently has gained popularity due to its sleek design and promises of delivering professional results, and I love their hair products like protectants and sprays. So I am excited to try and review the 2023 sonic dryer from Bondi Boost.

Design of the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer

The Bondi Boost Sonic dryer only weighs 0.77 pounds, which makes it simple to hold and adjust the angle of drying. And you can take advantage of this lightweight dryer to travel since it will not add a heavy burden to your suitcase. However, I don’t really like the design that it doesn’t have a foldable handle with hinge, a lightweight hair dryer should always be small as well.

The Bondi Boost Sonic dryer doesn’t have traditional control buttons for you to get the right temp and speed. Unlike dryers with toggle switch buttons, the Bondi Boost Sonic dryer has two long buttons on the handle, and you can press the “+” and “-” to get your desired setting. But you don’t have to be wary that you need to adjust it every time, the memory function will store the setting that you used and give you a quick blow drying time.

Drying Experience Review

With a powerful 110,000 rpm motor, which is similar to Dyson’s, the dryer is a fantastic dryer to get hair blow-dried quickly and nicely. Bondi Boost claims that the Sonic dryer can dry hair 4X faster than regular dryers.

Here is my honest test result: It’s definitely powerful enough for most uses, and it dries hair pretty fast. The noise level is acceptable, not very quiet and not very loud. Does it really dry my hair 4 times faster? Not really, it might be a little faster than those old and cheap models in my garage, but not visibly faster than my Dyson and ghd dryers.

My personal experience is that the airflow the Sonic dryer generates is more focused than other dryers, I guess part of the reason is its narrow body. Unfortunately, I am not very happy with the attachments, especially the nozzle. The nozzle is not secure when you attach it to the dryer, and it sometimes falls off.

The good thing is that the dryer doesn’t give my hair obvious heat damage and awful smell, I feel my hair is more sleek and manageable after blow drying with this Sonic dryer thanks to the ion technology.

Using the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer for Different Hair Types

The Bondi Boost Hair Dryer is suitable for all hair types, whether you have curl or straight hair. It comes with a concentrator and a diffuser, so defining curls is easy with this dryer. But I think the focused airflow is not that friendly fo people with very thick hair.

How Does the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer Compare to Other Hair Dryers?

There are many hair dryers available in the market, each with its own set of features and price points. So, how does the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer compare to other hair dryers? In terms of design, the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer is sleek and stylish, with a matte black finish and rose gold accents. It definitely stands out from other hair dryers that have a more generic design.

Bondi Boost Hair Dryer Price and Value for Money

The Bondi Boost Hair Dryer is priced at $199 officially, which is surely more expensive than other hair dryers in the market. But you can see the price on their site is $119.4, which sounds more reasonable. However, the current statues of this product on their official store is SOLD OUT. I don’t know if this is going to be a discontinued product in the future.

Conclusion: Is the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer Worth Buying?

Overall, the Bondi Boost Hair Dryer is a good fit for those looking for a hair dryer with a lightweight design and innovative look. While it may not be the hottest hair dryer in the market, it does deliver satisfying drying speed and leaves hair smooth and healthy. However, this hair dryer is a new model and not a popular one, we don’t know how long it is gonna last, and there are not enough reviews and feedback to know about its potential issues.

Bondi Boost Sonic Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Drying Power
  • Attchments
  • Price



  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful 110,000 rpm motor for faster drying time
  • Advanced Ionic technology



  • Not powerful enough for people with 4C hair
  • Does not come with a foldable handle

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