Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray Review: Does The Healthy Formula Work?

The Bondi Boost heat protectant spray seems like a pretty healthy hair product that utilizes organic formula that you don’t often see in other heat protectors. The product is so popular because Bondi Boost claims that their heat protectant delivers non-sticky protective fine mist that improves the look of existing damage. As a person who loves to test all kinds of heat protectants, I would love to give it a try. Let’s see if the Bondi Boost heat protectant spray is a solid buying option for your hair.

Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray Review – Does It Smell Good?

The Bondi Boost spray has a mild herbal scent. The smell is not offensive and aggressive at all, and I love it as it will not make hair smell too strong. For people who don’t like too much fragrance, the heat protectant spray is pretty decent. But I also found some buyers who say this Bondi Boost heat protectant spray is not girly enough since it does not provide those perfume-like smells. Nevertheless, the scent is pleasant to me.

Is It a Lightweight Spray with Fine Mist

To produce fine spray, there are two things that matter. The very first one is that the formula should be lightweight and not greasy. The main ingredients for the Bondi Boost heat protectant are clean and natural including leaf juice, aloe vera, rosemary, vitamin b5, and leaf oil. The spray is not oily at all and it does not contain any chemicals that may degrade your scalp and hair such as Parabens, Silicones, and Sulphates.

Besides, the nozzle of a spray is also important to squeeze the liquid out and turn the spray liquid into mist. And the Bondi Boost heat protectant comes with a pretty good one. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the mist quality and texture.

Bondi Boost Heat Protection Test – Average Level

The Bondi Boost spray does not say how high the heat it can handle, but they remind you to apply the product when your hair is dry and damp, which means the hot styling tools will still be harmful to your wet hair even you use the protectant.

To test the heat protection of this spray, I washed my hair and dried my hair with a blow dryer, and then I used a flat iron (the hottest tool that I have) to straighten my curls with multiple settings. The result was okay, my hair did not get burnt by hot air and heat created by my styler.

The only problem was that my hair felt a little dry and brittle after a few minutes flat ironing. But I do understand it is only a hair spray, it is impossible to protect hair perfectly from a 450-degree hot tool. If you have very long or thick hair that needs extra care and higher heat protection, this heat protectant spray is not the best choice, a hair serum is probably a better option.

Styling Result: It Adds a Bit of Shine & Smoothness

Does the heat protectant make hair sleeker? Yes, the Bondi Boost heat protectant spray made my strands softer and shinier slightly. And I love how my hair looked like after using the spray, it was smooth and I had less hair fallout since there is less frizz and dryness. If you always get flyaways after blowouts, the heat protectant spray can tame them effectively and make hair more manageable.

Is the product perfect for anyone? No, it’s not the most nourishing heat protectant spray that I’ve used. It only gives your hair more shine and smoothness, it is not going to recover your damaged hair significantly. Moreover, this hair spray does not help you to build hair volume and it has barely holding power to lock in your look.

Price – Not Cheap, But Fair

If you’re thinking of upgrading a lightweight heat protectant, the price of the Bondi Boost heat spray won’t scare you away. The Bondi Boost heat protectant comes with a 125ml/4.23 fl oz bottle, and its official price on the site is $19.95. Compared to drugstore heat protectors, it might be a bit expensive, but it is definitely not a luxury product that people can’t afford. Considering its reliable fine mist performance, it’s a fair price for me.

Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray Review
  • Scent
  • Heat Protection
  • Styling Experience
  • Price



Mild Scents

Fine Mist


Acceptable Heat Protection


Not Nourishing Enough for Thick Hair

Makes Hair Dry When Dealing with Super High Heat


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