5 Top Rated Sulfate-Free Heat Protectants in 2020

Want to choose a healthier heat protectant that won’t hurt your scalp and skin? You probably want to know a little bit more about sulfate-free heat protectants.

Sulfate-free hair product is considered to be healthier and milder, and you can reduce hair damage as much as possible by using them.

Well, If you are interested in finding a sulfate-free heat protector for your family, let’s get right to it.

What Is Sulfate-Free Heat Protectant

Speaking of sulfate, it usually refers to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphonate when it comes to hair products. We usually call them “SLS” and “SLES”

Although “SLS” and “SLES” are both sulfates, they are different in properties. “SLES” is milder than “SLS”, and “SLS” is often used with other surfactants together.

In the hair product industry, a lot of hair care products will utilize sulfates to clean the grease on your strands and your scalp.

Because of its strong ability of cleaning, for some people, sulfates can be irritating to the eyes and skin.

Thus, Sulfate-free heat protectants were made. They are designed for people who have sensitive skin, and they are beneficial for people who want to reduce irritation caused by leave-in hair protectant.

Why Do You Need A Sulfate-Free Heat Protectant

If you don’t have sensitive typed scalp and hair, heat protectant with sulfate may not cause any serious problems for you.

But, if you think your hair is brittle and your skin is sensitive and you are easy to have allergies, you can not miss these advantages of sulfate-free heat protectants.

Sulfate-Free Heat Protectant Can Protect Brittle Hair

If you have frizzy and brittle hair, a sulfate-free heat protectant can help you with that.

A heat protector without sulfates won’t get your hair too “clean” to maintain its natural healthy look.

Because sulfate will take your natural oil away, leaving no shine and giving your hair flyaways.

So, if you happen to have frizzy hair, try to use a sulfate-free heat protectant before blowdrying or iron-styling.

Sulfate-Free Heat Protectants Are Friendly to Skin

If you have sensitive skin or scalp, avoid using any products that contain sulfates.

The irritating properties of sulfate can be bad for sensitive skin. And it may cause problems like itchy scalp, inflammatory skin.

Thus, the best way to avoid making inflammation worse is to stop using products that irritate your skin. And a sulfate-free heat protectant is made for this purpose.

Heat Protectants Without Sulfate Are Still High-Performance

Although sulfates are useful for making hair clean and smooth, sulfate-free heat protectants can also provide you a satisfying result after blowouts.

Unlike shampoo that needs to generate foams, the first priority of using a heat protectant is to get your hair protected and nourished.

You can find some amazing heat protectants without sulfate on the market, and you can still get the best heat protection that helps you fight against the heat damage.

Best 5 Sulfate-Free Heat Protectants of 2020

ArtNaturals Sulfate-Free Thermal Hair Protector Spray

ArtNaturals Sulfate-Free Thermal Hair Protector

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ArtNaturals thermal protectant is a lightweight spray that provides protection up to 450 degrees.

The product contains no sulfates and parabens, and it’s 100% a healthy heat protector for protecting your hair from blow dryers & flat irons.

The spray is designed for all hair types and it can hydrate all kinds of hair while styling your hair with heat.

To give your hair more shine in a more healthy way, the product uses argan oil, which is a natural source that is great for enhancing hair’s glow.

Plus, the spray can also work as a leave-in conditioner, and ArtNaturals claim that using this spray before blowdrying can also shorten your drying time.

Sun Bum Heat Protector Spray – Sulfate and Paraben Free

Sum Bum Heat Protector Spray

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This Sun Bum spray is one of my favorite sulfate-free heat protectants, and I even wrote a review on this Sun Bum thermal protection spray.

This affordable heat protectant has a pleasant coconut smell and it has a special two-phase formula. To use this spray, you need to mix the two-part formula first.

The product is 100% sulfate and paraben free, but it also works well when it comes to thermal protection.

This protectant is enriched with vitamins and sea minerals, which can give your hair a weightless nourishing blend to reduce frizz & static.

Arvazallia Sulfate-Free Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil

Arvazallia Sulfate-Free Heat Protectant

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With a lightweight two-layer protection technology, this Arvazallia sulfate-free can take care of your hair well.

Although this product does not contain any sulfates, the infused argan oil formula can moisturize and nourish your hair effectively.

The product has a unique signature fragrance and it will make your hair smell fantastic.

When it comes to the anti-frizz performance, it leaves your hair a soft and silky result. You can simply get a fresh look without any extra products after blowdrying.

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector with Sulfate-free Mild Formula

HSI PROFESSIONAL Sulfate-free Mild Formula Heat Protector

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Among all the heat protectants, this spray from HIS Professional must be the most popular one.

The product provides decent heat protection for damage up to 450º F. And the main ingredient for making your hair smooth and silky is the argan oil.

In addition, the product is not only sulfate-free and it is also free of phosphate and paraben. You can feel free to apply it on colored hair too.

Lastly, the seller says this lightweight spray can be used as a leave-in serum to get a smooth and frizz-free hair look.

If you are looking for a reliable spray that is the hottest on the market, this is it.

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant

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You can see this bottle says it can protect heat damage up to 428º F, which is extremely powerful for a heat protector.

Because of its strong protection, the Bamboo smooth thermal protectant is a great fit for heat styling tools like blow dryers and curling irons.

The product can soften your strands and lock in moisture to eliminate brittleness and frizz, and it can also reinforce your hair’s inner structural integrity to make them stronger.

As an upscale sulfate-free heat protectant, the spray is clinically proven to reduce breakage by 87%.

And if you have damaged hair, it’s definitely a good choice for repairing, strengthening strands.

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