Review: OGX Protecting + Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray

OGX is people’s sweetheart when it comes to affordable hair-caring products. The company put out plenty of products for hair washing, conditioning and bathing. Who can deny products that are cheap and good? Unsurprisingly, its Silk Blowout Thermal spray is one of the best sellers of thermal protectors on Amazon and it’s got over 10,000 reviews. The banner in their store says its product has salon-quality performance, is the budget-friendly heat protectant spray worth a try, here’s my review.

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First Impression

The OGX Protecting + Silk Blowout heat protectant doesn’t come with a whole lot of expensive ingredients and fancy treatments, it’s a fairly simple and plain thermal spray. It contains several flower and plant extracts including Rose dust, jasmine, and vanilla to offer a sweet and nice scent, and it’s always nice to keep your hair smelling good without putting on extra perfume. The protectant from OGX is not something high-end, it’s got a purple plastic bottle. To be honest, you can tell this product is pretty cheap at first glance.

Does The OGX Thermal Spray Work Effectively?

The OGX thermal protectant is not a very lightweight product, no cap. When you press the button and spray it on your hair, it will stay on your hair and you need to make the sprays even with your hands.

The protectant has a nice performance for blow drying, and it offers your hair great volume and bounces with powerful heat protection up to 450 degrees. It doesn’t provide a strong hold, but it still makes your hair manageable by softening and hydrating your hair shafts. The OGX Protecting + Silk heat spray adds a shine and silky texture to your hair as well, which gives hair a healthy look and helps detangle hair knots. Also, it is color-safe and friendly to color-treated hair. For people who care about the environment, it is a cruelty-free product as well.

The heat protectant can be used on dry hair to block heat from flat irons also. Will it protect your hair’s safety and condition? For me, it absolutely works and it’s an effective protectant for blow drying and hair styling. However, it’s the perfect protector for ironing. Here are a few things I wanna talk about.

Some Things I Don’t Like About It

Not nourishing enough for hair straightening

While this heat protectant is marketed as a versatile protectant, it’s definitely not the best heat protectant that I have used. I must admit that the heat protectant didn’t let the heat damage my hair, but it didn’t give me a very comfortable feeling when I was gliding my iron either. And my hair was not smooth enough after the styling process. I guess I will still stick with my old-fashioned hair serum to fight against those hot tools.

It stays on your hands

The OGX Silk Blowout thermal spray is not that thick to weigh down your hair and it penetrates your hair nicely, but it’s kind of disgusting that the spray gets pretty sticky on your hand. Unlike other sprays that vanish quickly, the strong smell and residue stay on your hands and you need to wash it off after styling.

Terrible spraying nozzle

My biggest complaint about this product is the spraying mechanism. Although I know this is a cheap spray, I didn’t expect that the nozzle can be broken and clogged so easily. I didn’t get fine mists as expected in the beginning, but I was okay with it since you can’t ask too much for an $8 heat protectant. However, the spray became like a stream after a few weeks, which made the spray too concentrated and I couldn’t use it with accuracy. Luckily, my hair is not that thick, so I can still apply it with my hands.

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