Syoss Keratin Heat Styling Spray Review

Want a heat protectant spray that protects and refreshes your hair at the same? A Keratin heat protectant is a nice idea. Today we are going to see the Syoss Keratin heat styling spray together, it’s basic, and affordable, and it works as a styling spray as well. However, the Syoss heat protectant is not for everyone. Will this heat protectant perform exceptionally well on your hair? Let’s see.

Syoss Keratin Heat Spray Review – Pump & Nozzle

The Syoss Keratin heat protectant spray is basic and simple. Compared to other fancy sprays these days, it uses a plastic bottle and a traditional pump. But you won’t feel it’s an inferior quality product with its gold and black color combination. Although it comes with a cheap nozzle, its performance is actually not that bad. You won’t get extremely fine sprays, but the quality of the mist is acceptable overall.

Protection Is Excellent

The Syoss Keratin heat spray review is decent for styling tools including hair dryers, irons, and curlers. It does a fantastic job dealing with heat with its heat protection up to 230° C, which is about 445 in Fahrenheit. According to the product description, its Keratin formula injects 2X more keratin into your hair, which is a big bonus compared to its plain heat protect spray, though the Keratin heat styling spray is less lightweight in texture. Like most heat protectants, the heat protectant allows you to use it on dry hair and damp hair, but what you should know is that using irons on damp hair is going to be dangerous, and your hair is going to be flammable.

Styling Result Review – Strong Hold, A Bit Greasy

The Syoss Keratin heat spray is a combination between heat protection but also styling spray. It provides a strong hold that lets your hair stay well for more than 2-3 days. Unlike the mousse, which tends to make hair strands very stiff, the heat protectant with Keratin doesn’t give you that stiff feeling. The heat spray doesn’t feel especially thick overall, though it still gives me a slightly greasy feel when sleeping with it. So I think the product is more friendly to people with long hair that really needs strong control.

Why is it not my favorite styling spray? Apparently, using this heat protectant as a styling spray is too much for my daily hair routine. The styling ability is too strong and it doesn’t give my hair enough bounce when I wake up.

Affordable and Budget-friendly Bundles

The Syoss Keratin Heat styling spray is a great option if you’re looking for a highly affordable heat protectant, it only costs 6 – 7 dollars online. Moreover, some resellers offer a bundle package that comes with 6 bottles at a cheaper unit price. To be honest, this is a beautiful bargain for a solid heat protectant that gives reliable protection and humidity resistance.

Syoss Keratin Heat Styling Spray Review
  • Heat Protection Verdict
  • Styling Hold Performance
  • Pump Design
  • Spray Texture
  • Price


Syoss Keratin Heat Styling Spray Review


  • Solid Heat Protection
  • Strong Styling Control
  • Cost-Effective


  • Slightly Heavy Texture

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