Kevin Murphy Heated Defense Heat Protection Foam Review

When choosing a heat protectant, I believe a foam product won’t the first thing that comes to mind since most heat protectants’ forms are spray and cream. But what is interesting about Kevin Murphy is that Kevin Murphy’s best-selling heat protectant is a heat protection leave-in foam. In fact, this heat protectant foam fills the vacancy on the market for people who have special styling needs. In this review, I’m offering a very personal perspective on the product, and the pros and cons will be listed below.

Kevin Murphy Heated Defense Heat Protection Foam
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The foam is lightweight and absorbed easily

As a foam heat protectant that is different from most hair heat protectors these days, this Kevin Murphy’s heat protectant has a good balance between being too watery and too creamy for hair. If your hair is not that thick and you don’t want a spray that vanishes so fast, this heat protectant with a foam texture would appeal to you. It just so happens that the Kevin Murphy heat protectant is a unique option on the market.

The foam texture is pretty lightweight and it won’t weigh down hair, not greasy at all, this is what makes the heat protectant such a great choice when you have thin hair or short hair. Also, compared to watery sprays, the foam is more nourishing and easily absorbed, it can be a better helper to tame hair frizz and make hair glowy.

It protects my hair well and nicely

Protection wise, it is a moderate protector. It doesn’t provide a super strong barrier compared to thick serums, but it is always protective. For me, the 450 degrees protection is decent and it doesn’t give you a burnt smell. The foam can be used on wet hair and dry hair, which means you can use this for blow drying or styling with a hot tool anytime. The nourishing performance is solid. Unlike sprays with thin liquids, it gives you smoother hair shafts and a longer shine. It blends well and the foamy texture doesn’t give your hand an oily feel.

Does it have a fragrance? Yes! Do I like it? I don’t know…

Does it come with a strong scent? The answer to this question is a resounding Yes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I love the scent. I know the scent is an important attribute of hair products to make sure your hair smells good after styling, but I’m really not a fan of this perfume-like smell that can be conflicted with my own perfume that I’d like to put on.

Not that friendly to thick hair

Since Kevin Murphy Heated Defense heat protectant offers fine and even foam, it’s not that easy to rub the foam easily on every hair strand inside the outer layer. For short and thin hair, applying this foam heat protectant is simple and neat. However, when your hair is curly and thick, to cover all the hair including roots and ends, you will need to give it several pumps and use a large amount of foam to take care of every spot with your hands.


Most people will enjoy their styling process with this Kevin Murphy Heated Defense heat protection foam. It’s foamy, nourishing, and clean with improved texture without giving you any uncomfortable feeling.

Although I must admit the smell leaves a little to be desired. However, it doesn’t affect the fact that it is a loved heat protectant by tons of people. Just check out the price tag, this is not an affordable product if you know the regular price for a heat spray. But you rarely see a negative review on it, it’s definitely worth the money.

PS: The foam heat protectant doesn’t add any styling hold or volume on hair, you can take a look at Kevin Murphy’s Blow Dry Ever series designed for blow drying and styling.

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