TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity Heat Protectant Review

The TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity is a capable product, but we wouldn’t call it “the perfect heat protectant for everyone.” It performs well at all the basics and is nice and healthy for maintaining your hair condition, but it’s not suitable for “all hair types” as it claims. I’m going to tell you why here.

What Pros Does The Hot Commodity Heat Protectant Have?

Good Heat Protection

I believe most people are concerned about if the heat protectant really can protect your hair. Yes, and the Hot Commodity heat protectant is more effective than most heat protectant sprays that I’ve used before.

It leaves a protective coat on hair and it fights against heat damage nicely with nourishing agents and specially designed formulas. It’s a fairly decent heat protectant to block heat damage from blow drying or thermal styling, and you can use it on wet hair and dry hair both. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the heat protection a hard 8.5.

Healthy Ingredients

The Hot Commodity heat protectant is infused with plenty of healthy ingredients including natural oils and plant extracts. The main ingredient is shea butter, which is. a nice option to create a protective barrier that smoothens hair shafts at the same time. On top of that, the heat protectant is color safe, you don’t need to worry about your colored hair. And if you need a vegan heat protectant, this product is also vegan and cruelty-free.


For me, the Hot Commodity heat protectant sometimes can be more than a heat protectant. Its nourishing ingredients manage hair and remove frizz quickly, and the heat protectant gives your hair a soft and smooth look after styling. While the heat protectant is marketed toward thermal treatments, I think you can use this heat protectant as a leave-in conditioner as well.

Any Cons?

Overwhelming Scent

The unique scent of this heat protectant is a bit too powerful for my taste. In my morning routine, the heat protectant emits a strong fragrance and it leaves pretty long on my hair. This can be good for some people but I don’t want the heat protectant smell to cover all of my hair products. However, for people who love a fruity smell, the strong scent can be a bonus for you.

Bad Spray Design

Although they claim it is a lightweight heat protectant with multi-benefit formula, its texture is not that lightweight in real tests. The nozzle only ejects liquids instead of fine mists like other hair sprays, which means you need to rub the heat protectant on your hair evenly, which is not friendly to beginners and is kind of time-consuming compared to a legit lightweight heat protectant spray.

Other than that, the liquid is going to be left on the nozzle after a few sprays, and it will touch the lid later, which is gross. Luckily, the Hot Commodity heat protectant doesn’t create any waxy residue on hair.

TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity Heat Protectant Review

It can be worth considering the Hot Commodity heat protectant if you value a spray with nourishing abilities and versatile heat protection. The TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity heat protectant, priced at $13.99, is a qualified hair protectant suitable for hair types like natural hair with weaves and waves with a reasonable price.

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