Luseta Argan Oil Heat Protectant Review

You may have heard of Luseta’s biotin hair growth serum, but its heat protectant might be something new to you. It’s not just a simple heat protector, it also can be considered something of a replacement for reducing blow-dry time, which can be a bonus for people with long hair.

Luseta Argan Oil Heat Protectant
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Fine spray & Lightweight texture

The Luseta heat protectant has good build quality. Although it uses a cheap plastic bottle and traditional spring nozzle, the sprays coming out are fine and even. The fine mist creates a thin layer on your hair, and it’s absorbed by your hair shafts quickly. Unlike heavy cream or serum, the Luseta heat protectant doesn’t leave build-up and residue on your hair, and it doesn’t give your hair any burden with its lightweight texture.

450F Degrees Protection

With its 450F degrees heat protection, you don’t have to worry about heat damage and frizz when using a blow dryer or hot styler on your hair. That said, this heat protectant is suitable for using on both wet hair and dry hair.

It’s considerably lighter than serum and cream, so it is not going to nourish your hair cuticles effectively. However, it still can soften and tame your hair with its argan oil formula with sunflower & Vitamins A, E.

Nice and Strong Hold

For people who need a hold for styling, this Luseta argan oil heat protectant provides a strong hold that locks in your styles easily. This is not very common for a lightweight hair spray, but it is a bonus if hair styling is a morning routine for you.


Strange Fragrance

This is very subjective, I’ve seen people love the smell of this heat protectant so much and they think it’s always nice to add some fragrance to the hair. But, the scent is too strong for me and it kind of reminds me of cheap salons. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the scent of the Luseta heat protector.

Too Watery to Smoothen Hair

I love how lightweight the heat protectant spray is. Unfortunately, with infused argan oil, the lightweight spray is still too watery and the evaporation is too fast, so the liquid can’t go deep into your hair thoroughly to hydrate your hair and boost its shine and strengthen its quality.

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