TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity Heat Protectant Review


The TPH by Taraji Hot Commodity is a capable product, but we wouldn’t call it “the perfect heat protectant for everyone.” It performs well at all the basics and is nice and healthy for maintaining your hair condition, but it’s not suitable for “all hair types” as it claims. I’m going to tell you why … Read more

Best Heat Protectant for Low Porosity Hair – How to Choose?


Heat protectants protect hair from heat damage and deliver shine to your hair. But not every heat protectant is suitable for all hair types. If you have low porosity hair or thick hair like type 4C or 4B that couldn’t absorb the heat protectant well, you will still have problems with hair health and styling … Read more

The Difference Between Flat Ironing & Silk Press


It is an interesting challenge to describe the differences between flat iron and silk press. Some people think ‘silk press’ is just another word for ‘flat iron’ or ‘straight hair’ because they can not really tell their differences. It is that true? Let’s find out. Flat Ironing vs. Silk Press: They Have Something in Commons … Read more

Looking for The Best Heat Protectant for 4C Hair? All You Need Is Here.


I’ve written a blow dryer buying guide for 4c hair, but that does not cover all the things about 4c hair blowdrying. How can you blow-dry your hair without a heat protector? Using a heat protector is vital if you use styling tools like blow dryers or flat irons frequently. If you have tight coiled … Read more