Best Heat Protectant for Low Porosity Hair – How to Choose?

Heat protectants protect hair from heat damage and deliver shine to your hair. But not every heat protectant is suitable for all hair types. If you have low porosity hair or thick hair like type 4C or 4B that couldn’t absorb the heat protectant well, you will still have problems with hair health and styling results. Thus, choosing a heat protectant good for low-porosity hair is necessary.

Do You Need a Heat Protectant for Low Porosity Hair? How to Test It?

For people who have low porosity hair, heat protectants tend to stay on the surface of your hair, which does not allow your hair to absorb the nourishments and moisture effectively. Then it will downgrade the heat protectant’s performance and your hair won’t be fully protected since the formula could not penetrate the hair shafts and cuticles.

To test if you have low-porosity hair, you can spray water on your hair to observe if it has visible beads. Or, put a strand of hair into a bowl of water and see if it sinks to the bottom quickly.

How to Choose a Heat Protectant for Low Porosity Hair?

Conditioning heat protectants are great

Using a hair conditioner and having deep-conditioning treatment is a good idea to care for low porosity hair. Besides, a versatile heat protectant that not only protects your hair but conditions your hair is an ideal choice for adding extra moisture to low porosity hair too.

I suggest you get a heat protectant that can be used as a leave-in conditioner for dry & wet hair both, then you can apply the heat protectant to hair to gain silkiness and shine anytime without washing hair.

Avoid fast-dry heat protectant if you have low porosity hair

I know there’re some heat protectant products that claim that they will help your hair to get blow-dried quickly. But trust me, you shouldn’t get a heat protectant like those for low porosity hair.
First off, as we mentioned the biggest problem that low porosity hair has is that it does not absorb hair product effectively, so you definitely don’t want the product to get dried before your blow dryer lifts the hair cuticles.

Lightweight products are good, but are they powerful enough for your hair?

In fact, a lightweight heat protectant is excellent as it won’t cause too much grease and your hair won’t be weighed down easily. However, a lightweight hair spray normally won’t penetrate thick low porosity hair, and it is hard to spray all of your hair with a little spray. You can go for a serum or oil-like heat protectant if you prefer better protection ann hydration.

Top Heat Protectants for Low Porosity Hair

RUSK Thermal Serum Heat Protectant with Argan Oil

Think of a hydrating heat protector for low porosity hair, and you probably thinking of a serum. The thermal serum from RUSK, with infused Argan oil, is a highly concentrated conditioning heat protectant that adds shine and smoothness to your strands.

It remains a very affordable price, with its healthy alcohol-free formula, making it a go-to option for transforming lifeless hair into vibrant vibrant tresses without having bad chemicals. On top of that, the RUSK heat protectant is also the 2019 Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice Award Winner, it would be a solid choice for people who need excellent and instant smooth shine and reliable heat protection.

Redken Rebel Tame Heat Protective Leave-In Cream

If you are looking for a heat protectant that helps you style hair by taming frizz and making strands more manageable, this Redken Rebel Tame heat protectant cream is worth-considering.

With Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free ingredients, the Redken Rebel Tame has powerful heat protection that is up to 450 degrees without irritating your scalp and your hair.

Its anti-frizz formula also makes this product perform beautifully in handling unruly frizz, which allows the leave-in cream to penetrate your hair quickly, even for low-porosity hair. The Redken heat protectant not only looks amazing but also gives you the best smoothing control and heat protection to keep your hair healthy and hydrated while using hot tools.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant Spray

If you are familiar with hair care products, Moroccanoil is a renowned brand you should know.

It’s not a cheap heat protectant spray, but the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense is a perfect dry aerosol spray that provides heat protection against the damaging effect of heat styling up to 450°F/230°C.

What is special is that this is a dry aerosol spray and your hair won’t get deep treatment with the spray. But as a heat protectant spray, it offers reliable performance even if your hair is low porosity. The heat protectant build a shield between your hair and the hot tools with the infused argan oil and panthenol, making this spray a nice styling product for both damp and dry hair.

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