How to Blow Dry and Tame a Cowlick?

What is a cowlick? A cowlick is the hair that grows in a different direction or grows at a different angle from the rest because a cowlick usually grows out in a spiral pattern. And combing a cowlick flat is not easy and a cowlick usually resists being controlled without hot tools.

Thus, having a cowlick when styling your hair will make your hairstyle imperfect. How do we get rid of cowlick when styling our hair with a blow dryer? Well, here are some tips we have for you if you are having a cowlick problem.

How to Blow Dry and Tame a Cowlick at Crown?

Find a Product to Soften Cowlicks Before Blow Drying

Everyone needs a heat protectant spray, not just for protecting your hair from getting heat damage, but also for making hair smooth and manageable. To tame a cowlick that grows in a different pattern, a nourishing hair product that softens your hair and makes cowlicks pliable can help you with that.

You can either choose a hair serum or hair spray according to your hair texture. And some heat protectants also work as leave-in conditioners, you can use them on dry hair and wet hair both to get a nice performance.

Use a Paddle Brush or Styling Comb to Tame Cowlicks

Before the blow drying process, you should have a styling tool that deals with your cowlick’s pattern. You need a brush with tension to direct the swirls and cowlicks to the desired direction. For people who have thin hair, a styling comb is more suitable for doing the job – the coomb teeth are finer and it can reach close to the roots.

Blow Drying Technique for Cowlicks

We don’t want our hair to get dried instantly, otherwise, we might not have enough time to control the cowlicks. So the first step is to set your blow dryer on its low-speed setting and medium heat.

To tame cowlicks, we need to use the brush or comb to press the down cowlick section down. Since your hair is damp and hydrated by hair products, you should be able to do this to any stubborn cowlick easily. You should deliver airflow to your styling tool while pressing the hair down.

The next step is to brush the cowlick to one direction while pressing down, it does not matter if it’s left or right. After that, press down the section and brush the cowlick to the opposite direction. Keep brushing the cowlick from the right to the left and left to the right. Repeat the process till the cowlick is soft and manageable. Also, don’t forget to follow directly behind your styling tool with the dryer.

Pressing down hair can make your hair roots lose volume. To solve this, you can lift the hair up with your brush, brush it to the front, and brush the hair back after you have controlled the cowlick.

How to get rid of Cowlicks while blow drying?

People also use hair clips to style their bangs with a cowlick, you can use clips to push your hair and flatten out cowlicks effortlessly, and those small clips are super affordable.

Instead of using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling wand are useful tools that change the shape your hair effectively. If you don’t want to spend much time styling the annoying cowlicks, these hot tools can get it done immediately.

If you plan on going to the salon recently, you can also ask your stylist to make the cowlick section more pliable by using a blending shear.

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