How to Protect Your Hair Without Heat Protectant

Heat protectants are designed to protect your hair when you’re using a hot dryer or styling tool. They hydrate your cuticles and protect hair from frizz, statics, and dryness, leaving your hair silky and smooth.

However, not everyone likes to apply hair products to their hair. So, how to protect your hair from heat without using a heat protectant? Here is some advice that we wanna tell you!

Condition Your Hair Before Blow Drying


Apply a hair conditioner or hair mask when washing hair, which helps your hair stay sleek and shiny, and more resilient. Hydrated hair with a smooth finish can be more resistant to high temperatures and it’s less likely to get burnt by heat. With a protective hydrated and smooth coating, the heat caused by hot tools will take longer to penetrate the cuticles and cortex.

Use Low/Medium Settings

For people who don’t have a heat protectant currently, don’t use the highest setting when blow drying hair. Although using a lower setting will make the styling time longer, it is much healthier than directly blowing hot air to your hair shaft and scalp. If your hair is not protective, it will shrink and break when exposed to high heat suddenly.

Also, don’t hold your blow dryer too close to your hair since drying hair too fast is going to cause split ends and flyaways easily. Besides, you can take a few minutes rest when you feel your hair is getting hot.

There Are Some Heat Protectant Alternatives

If you don’t want to purchase a professional heat protectant, that is fine. We have plenty of heat protectant alternatives such as argan oil, shea butter, and more. Another excellent idea is to buy a hair product with heat protection, then you don’t need to apply several products.

For example, a hair conditioner with heat protection allows you to start using your dryer immediately after a shower without an extra heat protector. And a hair mousse with heat protectant formula styles hair, gives your a nice hold, and protects your hair from heat effectively as well.

Towel Dry or Air Dry Hair


It is essential to avoid heat for protecting hair without a heat protectant. If you are not in a rush, you can always towel dry gently and air dry your hair naturally.

You can also towel dry your hair overnight without using a hair dryer and wasting time. The best thing is that using proper towel drying techniques can make your curls stay defined and bouncy.

Use Styling Tools without High Heat


Whether you want to have tight curls, loose beach waves, or bouncy ringlets, you don’t necessarily go for a hot curling iron. Actually, there are many heatless curlers and rollers on the market that will decently deliver curls and waves to your hair without producing heat.

Although they are not comparable to a professional curling iron that gives you more curling options and faster curling time, it’s an ideal way to get curls without having any heat damage. In this way, you don’t need a heat protectant to achieve curly looks.

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