Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review – An Dryer Brush with A Cute Surface

When it comes to hair care appliances, blow dryer brushes are the top trending in the industry in recent years. With an oval brush and hot airflow vents, it’s no surprise blow dryer brushes are gradually replacing round brushes and blow dryers for easier styling techniques.

You may have known the most famous hair dryer brush – Revlon One-Step, but you also have other choices in 2022. The Aria marble blow dry brush is an alternative that comes with a fancy pink design.

However, the Aria marble blow dry brush is not as affordable as a regular dryer brush. It is worth the money? Here’s what I think.

Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review – It Does Not Have a Cutting-Edge Design

The Aria Beauty blow dry brush sports the same design as conventional hair dryer brushes on the market, with a large oval barrel that delivers hot airflow through the vents and soft bristles to tame hair frizz and flyaways.

Just like its rivals, the hair dryer brush has three temperature settings – High, Low, and Air. And you can change the settings by rotating the bottom of the brush,

The marble pattern on the coating is probably the most obvious difference you will find between other regular blow dryer brushes. And it comes with a 9 feet long cord, this is a bonus for people like me, who have an outlet that is far from my dressing table.

The Aria Marble dryer brush does not have an innovative appearance, but what impressed me is that it is a pretty lightweight blow dry brush even though it looks bulky and large. You won’t feel tired with this brush while curling your hair.

Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review – Hair Care Features

As mentioned, the blow dry brush from Aria does not look special on the outside, but what makes it different from other hair dryers when it comes to features?

The dryer brush offers a tourmaline barrel with dual bristles design. Infused tourmaline will help your hair keep smooth and sleek when your hair is exposed to the heat. And the tourmaline barrel also helps your hair to get less heat damage, leaving your hair less frizzy and more polished.

Styling Performance – Honest Review

Impressively, the Aria Marble blow dry brush lived up to my expectations of a reliable dryer brush in 2022 – It dried my hair gently and did make hair silky. Using the Aria brush dryer at its highest settings, I was able to curl my damp hair easily and it did not make my hair frizzy and completely dry, so my hair still looked soft and hydrated after styling with the brush.

I’m not going to say this Aria dryer brush can quickly blow dry your hair as it is not a professional blow dryer designed for blowouts, but it did get the styling job done nicely as a styling tool for daily use.

But I also noticed that this lightweight brush still has loud noise when working, just like regular blow dryers. Generally speaking, the Aria blow dry brush’s performance is above average with its ability to add shine and soothing hair compared to other hot brushes on the market. It might not be the best high-end hair dryer brush that I’ve seen, but it is still a solid choice.


The Aria Pink Marble blow dry brush is priced at $157.99 and it also has a grey version with a smaller barrel size. You can find them available on their official store and online retailers in Canada.

Verdict – It’s a worth-trying hair dryer brush

In terms of performance, the dryer brush is a qualified product for drying strands and styling hair with the tourmaline barrel. It might be a bit overpriced, this is not a $70 or $80 product, this hair brush costs more than $150. Nevertheless, it is a reliable dryer brush to try, especially if you like the marble design.

Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review
  • Design
  • Technology & Feature
  • Styling Performance
  • Price


Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review


  • Tourmaline Barrel
  • Dual Bristles
  • Lightweight Design


  • A Bit Noisy
  • Slightly Pricey

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  1. I purchased this dryer brush two years ago. I would estimate using it less than two dozen times…as I usually just dry my hair with my regular blow dryer. I went to use it yesterday, I found that there was power but…no heat or air. This hair tool was carefully looked after… the cord was always loosely gathered and secured with it’s original Velcro tie. I am very unhappy with this expensive, and now useless product. What can you do for me?


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