Need A Hair Dryer with Long Cord? We Have What You Need!

The length of a hair dryer is something that people will ignore occasionally. But, it does not mean the cord length is not important.

On the contrary, the cord length is vital to you when your outlet has a distance from the mirror. In this case, figuring out how long the cord you need is what you should do before purchase a hair dryer online.

What Is a Hair Dryer with Extra Long Cord?

When you are browsing the specifications of hair dryers from different brands, the range of length cord often falls on 5-9 feet. This is a wide range because every brand has its cord standard.

Generally, when the cord is more than 9 feet long, we will categorize the hair dryer model as a dryer with a long cord. The average size of the American living room is about 12 – 20 feet, so a hair dryer’s cord that is about half of the living room’s length is surely long enough for home use.

Why Long Cord Is Useful for a Hair Dryer

Having a long cord can be versatile. These are the pros of hair dryers with a longer cord.

It’s Flexible & Comfortable

When you find the cord is too short to use, you probably will freak out. Imagine this, you could have blow drying your hair on the bed comfortably while you have to stand next to an outlet because the cord is not long enough. And a long cord enables to dry your hair in any positions, you don’t need to worry the plug will get pulled out accidentally.

It’s Safe & Convenient

I know some of you may connect an extra electrical power strip to another together to extend the cord length.

However, you need to be careful when you are doing this. The high wattage of a hair dryer is not a joke.

If you ignore the capacity of the main power strip outlet and connect too many high wattage devices to its sub outlets, your house will have a significant fire potential and your devices will get burnt easily.

To avoid this, use a hair dryer that has a built-in long cord is the best solution.

Best 5 Hair Dryer with Long Cord

In this session, our aim is to give you a full list of hair dryer models that have a cord that is longer than 9-feet. For a very reasonable amount of money, you can buy a powerful hair dryer with a long cord in the market.

1. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Dryer with Long Cord

Cord Length: 9

The Panasonic EH-NA65-K is a modern hair dryer that we highly recommended in our previous buying guides.

It not only protects and hydrates your hair to give your strands a nice shiny finish but also allows you to have more flexibility by offering a 9 feet long cord.

The negative ions provided by its nanoe technology is the most powerful feature that comes with the package.

3 heat & 2 speed settings are not fancy but acceptable for daily blow-drying. The included stylish nozzle/diffuser attachments are well-designed for blow styling.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid choice for hair dryers with a 9-foot long cord.

2. BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer with Extra Long Cord

Cord Length: 9.5 feet

We’ve seen many purchased customers left reviews saying they love the cord, it’s durable and long enough.

The BaBylissPRO Carrera2 is a low-key 1900 watt hair dryer, which means it also has a powerful motor besides the long cord.

The porcelain ceramic material is good at releasing negative ions and far-infrared ray, which is beneficial for your hair’s frizz and heat damage.

The separate heat & speed settings are easy to adjust precisely, you will get a blast of instant cool air by pressing the cold air button. Easy-peasy!

3. Amaxy 2nd Generation Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer


Cord Length: 10 Feet

The Amaxy honeycomb infrared therapy dryer is a 1200 watts energy saving hair dryer.

They claim that the honeycomb-shaped heating motor can produce the same amount of heat and airflow speed of a standard blow dryer. It’s a true FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Dryer & it has 3 heat & 3-speed settings on the handle.

Amaxy says the dryer can stimulate your scalp & cuticle to prevent hair loss in an early age and give you a healthy look on your hair.

4. Sam Villa Professional 1750W Ionic Dryer with 9 Feet Cord

Cord Length: 9 Feet

The Sam Villa hair dryer is a high-end one that won the blow dryer award.

The dryer is made in Italy and it is popular for professional salon hairdressers and stylists.

It’s quiet, durable and ergonomic. The lightweight design gives you no pain even after blow drying for a long time.

Besides, the built-in ceramic/tourmaline technologies add more shine and volume to your hair and your hair will be silky and sleek after drying.

The long 9 feet memory resistant cord ensures you a safe place to dry hair, and it won’t tangle or twist.

5. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Cord Length: 12 Feet

Followed by an Italian-made hair dryer, the Solano Supersolano is also an expensive hair dryer that delivers premium airflow to your hair.

It has an 1800 watts motor to promises you high velocity and great performance. The lightweight body reduces your hand fatigue and tiredness.

It uses far-infrared heat and tourmaline to prevent your hair from getting split ends and heat damage. The low EMF feature keeps you away from getting exposure to radiation.

According to the reviews, it has an extremely long cord which is about 12-foot long. Which is probably the hair dryers’ longest cord in the world. No more cord extension is needed.

How to Store the Long Cord

When you have a pretty long cord, it’s hard to sort it out. Storing the hair dryer with the long cord becomes an issue. But you can make it easier by following the below steps. If you want to manage your cord manually, see how to keep your hair dryer cord straight and untwisted here.

Get a Hair Dryer Holder That Holds Your Cord


If you do not want to wrap up the cord every time after using the blow dryer, you can buy a hair dryer holder online.

But you should pay attention to whether it comes with a place for storing the cord.

Or, you can opt-in a DIY blow dryer holder to design a cord slot for the long cord if you are good at making handicrafts.

Use a Drawer for Organizing the Long Cord Hair Dryer

You can use a separate drawer to put the dryer in without dealing with the cord. If you worry about the drawer’s room is being wasted, you can go for a hair appliance organizer to manage the cords of your hair tools.

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