Will EMFs Harm You? Pick a Low EMF Hair Dryer

When we talk about the disadvantages of hair dryers, EMF (electric and magnetic fields) might be the first thing that comes to our minds. A lot of people are concerned about the EMF radiation caused by heating hair tools, worrying about health problems.

So, we are going to see how harmful a high EMF blow dryer it is, and we will also help you to pick the best low EMF hair dryer in 2020.

Hair Dryers’ EMFs Are Harmful?

There are rumors saying hair dryers can emit EMF that has many adverse effects. And high emf can bring cancer, tumors, etc. So many people are scared of using a high wattage blow dryer at home. But, are these rumors true? Do we need to throw our blow dryers away because of EMF?

No really. Although high emf can cause many diseases and negative effects on body health, there are a few things you must know about radiation types. Although hair dryers do emit EMF radiation, their EMFs are not as harmful as most people think.

Why Hair Dryers’ EMF Radiation Is Relatively Safe?

First, the radiation emitted by blow dryers is different from the X-ray radiation and cellphones’ radiation. X-ray is a type of ionizing radiation, which has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency waves. Ionizing radiation can penetrate our body, and this type of radiation exposure can result in cell damage & cancer.

When it comes to our devices, the radiation from all the electronic devices is non-ionizing radiation. And the EMF levels of daily electronics are pretty low, so you can use your cellphone and PC without getting radiation damage. EMFs are measured in mG. When a phone is ringing, the maximum levels range between 9-15 mG (milligauss).

Compared to cell phones, it seems that hair dryers are much dangerous since an average blow dryer’s emf level is between 35 mG – 100 mG (milliGauss).

However, the frequency also matters. The hair dryers’ electromagnetic waves that have frequencies range from 50Hz to 60Hz, but a cell phone’s cellular frequencies range from 0.8GHz to 2GHz (One Gz is equal to 1,000 MHz or 1,000,000,000 Hz), that is so much higher than hair dryers’ frequencies.

Thus, we can not simply say hair dryer is more harmful based on the EMF levels.

Most importantly, according to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the EMF radiation of hair dryers on the market today is much lower than the radiation exposure standard.

In conclusion, you usually do not need to worry about the EMF radiation when using a blow dryer.

What Is a Low EMF Hair Dryer

When there is current, radiation will exist. So there is no truly radiation-free hair dryer in the world. But some companies can lower the EMF levels of their blow dryers by developing advanced motor technologies. For example, Dyson’s patented motor is the most special motor on the market. The motor in Dyson Supersonic is light and quiet. But you can get a quick blowout without a high wattage and high EMF radiation. And there is another hair dryer brand called Shield Life that has an EMF shielding technology that can blocks up to 75% of EMF from irradiating your hair, giving you a safer environment for blow-drying.

Best 3 Low EMF Hair Dryer for 2020

1. Paubea 1200W Portable Radiation Free Blow Dryer

The seller claims the dryer is radiation-free because the hair dryer abandoned traditional resistance wire so that it can lower the EMF level significantly. The wattage of this dryer is 1200W, so the EMF level is quite low.

Besides, the Paubea dryer is a portable blow dryer that is great for travel use, and the folding handle enables you to pack it in the suitcase easily. The blow dryer is quiet and lightweight, ensuring you a pleasant trip when you take it on the road.

Moreover, this Paubea low EMF hair dryer does not sacrifice the technologies for the design. It comes with bioceramic materials and the premium infrared heat and ions will give your hair a shiny protective finish.

On top of that, the dryer is safe to use as it features a temperature protection technology.

Overall, it’s a safe and low EMF hair dryer that can offer reliable blowouts for pregnancy and kids.

2. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Low EMF Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 healthy ionic hair dryer is an ideal option for all hair types.

In our previous review of Elchim hair dryers, the 3900 healthy ionic is believed to be the most powerful Elchim hair dryer.

But this dryer is more than a salon-grade blow dryer, it’s also a low EMF model that strives to give you the most secure drying environment.

The Elchim brand says this dryer can reduce 30% drying time, and you will experience new blow-drying technologies with its extremely ergonomic handle. The 2000W wattage will never give you weak airflow, and you can have the most exciting and satisfying blowouts.

With a high-quality motor and ceramic & ionic technologies, Elchim claims the dryer is low EMF and 100% safe to use.

This worry-free blow dryer might be the best fit if you are looking for a salon-grade blow dryer with low EMF.

3. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Low EMF Hair Dryer

The Supersolano 3500 Lite is another professional blow dryer that emits low EMF. With a well-made DC motor, the blow dryer can achieve super lightness and quietness even on its high-velocity mode.

It’s a 1800W blow dryer with great hair care technologies. The ceramic components can offer you healthy infrared heat that prevents your hair from getting heat damage. And it cuts your drying time as the infrared technology can deliver the heat to the inside of thick and long hair.

Besides ceramics, the blow dryer also features tourmaline to minimize flyaways and frizz. With limited metal components, there is a lower EMF for less exposure to radiation.


Overall, hair dryers’ EMF levels usually will not harm our body health. If you have been told that using your hair dryer can bring you cancer, then you do not need to worry about it at all. All the 50Hz/60Hz blow dryers on the market are safe to use.

For people who pursuit extremely low EMF hair dryers, you can opt for blow dryers with low EMF technology.

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