Elchim Hair Dryers Buying Guide – Full Detailed Review

Elchim, established in 1945 and registered in Italy, is a company that specialized in manufacturing professional high-end hair tools. As a leading country in fashion, Italy is also a place where amazing designers & stylists are originally from. Luckily, the environment gave Elchim a great opportunity to become one of the premium hair dryer brands in the world.

If you want to know more about Elchim hair dryers, then today is the day! What are we going to do is review 3 most popular hair dryer models from Elchim, and they are Elchim Classic 2001, Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic, and Elchim 3900 Light Ionic. We will see which is the best and who is the king of Elchim hair dryers. Let’s explore it with us!

If you are rushing, you can skip to the comparison chart we made. It will save you more time to find out the differences between Elchim hair dryers.


Elchim Classic 2001

Elchim Classic 2001 has a chic shape and a pretty lightweight body, which are specially designed for styling and blow-drying. A narrow front-end enables you to control the airflow to focus on a specific section precisely. You don’t see many streamlines in this hair dryer, the handle is straight and the body is less curvy than Elchim 3900 blow dryers. Elchim Classic 2001 has six color options available: black, white, black & white, pink, red, red & black. All of them have a well-made finish that is textured and voguish.

Compared with Elchim Classic 2001, Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic and Elchim 3900 Light Ionic are more chubby-looking. These two hair dryers share the same look because they are all from the Elchim 3900 series. The 3900 series hair dryers have a wavy handle that is more comfortable to hold. They moved the heat/speed button to the side of the handle, which is more convenient and ergonomic to control the temperature and the velocity of the airflow. The body shape looks like an oval and it is bigger than Classic 2001 because of the airflow motor’s size and wattage. If you take a closer look at them, you will find some models of 3900 series have a rear filter that is made of beautiful reflective material.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic

Elchim 3900 Light Ionic

The difference between the models is that Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic has the most color options in all the Elchim hair dryers. You will have 7 colors to choose from if you open its product page (black, black & gold, black & rose gold, black & silver, Venetian rose gold, white, yellow daisy). However, Elchim 3900 Light Ionic only have 2 colors available to buy.

#2. Tech Spec Comparison

You can check this chart below to have a quick look at the differences between Elchim blow dryers.

ModelElchim Classic 2001Elchim 3900 Healthy IonicElchim 3900 Light Ionic
Power1875 Watts2400 Watts2000 Watts
Weight18 oz17.5 oz15.50 oz
Motor TypeAC MotorAC MotorDC Motor
Heat/Speed  Settings566
Cool Shot ButtonYESYesYes
Attachments1 Concentrator Nozzle2 Concentrator Nozzles2 Concentrator Nozzles
Ionic TechnologyNoYESYes
Ceramic MaterialNoYESYes
Cord Length9 Feet9 Feet9 Feet

#3. Detailed Elchim Blow Dryer Review

Features Review

All the Elchim hair dryers are lightweight, the heaviest Elchim Classic 2001 only weighs 1.2 pounds. The lightest model is the Elchim Light Ionic with a 0.95-pound extremely lightweight design, which is also the best selling point of this dryer. The power cords from Elchim are long and you do not need to worry that your cord will get tangled.

As for the motors, The Classic 2001 and the 3900 Healthy Ionic use AC motors, which are quieter and more powerful. The 3900 Light Ionic utilizes a DC motor that offers a lighter weight and a better drying experience without fatigue. All these 3 hair dryers provide powerful and adjustable airflow settings for you to style and dry hair precisely and easily. A few years ago, the Classic 2001 did not have a cool shot button. Fortunately, all the Elchim hair dryers now are equipped with a cool shot button to help you to style your hair.

When it comes to attachments, all these 3 hair dryers from Elchim have nozzle attachments included in the box. The Classic 2001 has 1 concentrator nozzle included while the rest of the two dryers have two. it’s a pity that they did not have any comb or diffuser. You have to buy them separately.

Drying Time

Hair dryers from Elchim will dry your hair very fast.

According to Elchim’s website, Elchim 2001 model is best for thick coarse hair because of the high efficiency when it comes to blow-drying. Compared with a regular Conair mini blow dryer, the Elchim 2001 can cut the drying time in half thanks to its powerful and long-lasting AC motor, the fast airflow rate can reach 40 liters per second.

Elchim 3900 series will also reduce your drying time by more than 30% and it closes your cuticles. It’s a significantly windy blow dryer since the motor has a quite high wattage. If you want to dry your hair without getting your hair damaged, then it’s a solid hair dryer to choose from. If you are confused about why the Elchim 3900 series hair dryer can shorten the drying time by 30%, it’s because of the ceramic & ionic technologies that constantly hydrate your hair and prevent your hair from getting heat damage.

Drying Performance

All these hair dryers work like a charm.

Strictly speaking, the 3900 series hair dryers have a better drying performance since it offers more hair protection than the Classic 2001. Coming with ceramic material, the Healthy Ionic and the Light Ionic dryer can protect your hair from heat damage and the far-infrared ray generated by its ceramic material are great for drying hair evenly and quickly. What’s more, the ionic technology is designed for making your hair less frizzy, giving your cuticles a smooth and silky finish.

#4. Final Verdict

Overall, the 3 Elchim hair dryers we reviewed today are all smart and versatile. If you are looking for the most efficient hair dryer that saves more drying time, then you probably need an Elchim Classic 2001. While you need a blow dryer that smooths your hair, then you can opt for the Elchim 3900 hair dryers. Although these Elchim hair dryers are expensive in the market compared with regular hair dryers, the trusted brand will provide you with a lifetime warranty and after-sell service that you won’t be disappointed with.

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