Top 5 Expensive Hair Dryers’ Whose Price Tags Will Shock You

When we are shopping in the market, we usually will look for budget-friendly items with decent quality. But, who can deny the attraction of luxury & fanciness?

If you are curious to know the most expensive hair dryer in today’s market, you are lucky that we have our high priced hair dryers roundup here, and I believe you will be surprised by how costly they are.

#1. 5 Most Expensive Hair Dryers in the Market

1. 2020 Most Expensive Hair Dyer – LIMITED EDITION DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer

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We know Dyson’s supersonic model is always a luxurious choice when we think of high priced hair dryers. Compared to Dyson’s regular supersonic hair dryer whose price is $399, It’s no doubt that this limited edition Dyson will be even more costly. This Limited Edition is the world’s most expensive hair dryer in 2020.

The features are premium that this Dyson supersonic comes with 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings, which beats most of the handheld hair dryer on the market. Besides, the compact style is a reason why it is a hot selling item among stylists. You do not see any blade, wire, or motor in the dryer, making a top-of-the-line high priced hair dryer understandably.

This limited edition is more of a luxury. It is hand gilded with 23.75 karat gold sourced from Italy on its end cap. The body and all the attachments, including a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser are colored in elegant blue. There is a high-end red gesso box that is signed by James Dyson, the founder of Dyson Ltd.
It is definitely reasonable to have that price.

2. Memoirs Rechargeable Wireless Hair Dryer


As a premium lithium battery operated hair dryer, the wireless hair dryer will empty your wallet easily.

But it does worth every penny you spend, the hair dryer allows you to have a cordless drying experience without wire and plug. And its 4900 mAh battery lasts longer than any other cordless hair dryer in the world. Regular battery-operated hair dryers usually can work for 15 mins on a high heat setting. However, this Memoirs dryer’s functioning time can last 1 hour.

In fact, an average battery powered hair dryer usually will cost you more than a hundred dollars. Do you feel it’s more acceptable for the price of this high-end cordless hair dryer now?

3. CROC TU’KAY Deluxe Blow Dryer

The CROC TU’KAY hair dryer is a powerful high wattage model that works on 2500 watts. After seeing these features below, you probably will know why it has an over $300 selling price.

It uses brush free technology to create a healthy environment for blow drying your hair, the dust in the air will be eliminated. The powerful motor provides 77mph airflow speed that dries your hair at lightning speed. Extremely lightweight design makes this model less than 1 pound and low noise (59db). As a salon-grade hair dryer, the seller promised that you would have a 12-year motor warranty.

4. ONE Styling Epic Lite Hair Dryer

The One styling epic lite hair dryer comes with a revolutionary high torque motor. It is impressive that this model has a powerful airflow delivery system. Meanwhile, it is one of the lightest hair dryers of today.

With ceramic and ionic technology, the airflow takes way water molecules more healthily without heat damage and frizz. The ergonomic design gives you a firm and shock-resistant feeling when you hold the double walled body. To be honest, although it’s a great dryer, I think still the price is higher than I expected.

5. 6th Sense Professional Salon Ionic Hair Dryer Handcrafted in France

When I see the hair dryer’s silhouette at first sight, I know this is not an ordinary one. Coming in a transparent bold design, you can even see how the mechanism works inside the hair dryer body.

The masterpiece is handcrafted in France. And the hair dryer features a delicate velvet dryer bag for you to store the dryer. The brand claims that they have patented ergonomics that can ease the strain of your hand, arm, and shoulder. Plus, the secret ions sauce is another reason why it’s much more expensive than regular dryers.

#2. Why Are These Hair Dryers so Expensive?

Brand Awareness

Branding marketing is an important factor that affects hair dryer’s prices. Different brands have different target customers, so they have various brand images. For high-end hair dryers, it’s crucial to have a supreme brand image to represent themselves. Therefore the sellers need a matching price that can represent their brand’s deluxe feeling. We also call it the brand premium.

Premium Features

We’ve reviewed plenty of hair dryers, and we have found most of the expensive hair dryers always have their unique selling points. For example, Dyson’s bladeless design. A costly hair dryer usually comes with premium & latest technologies that can protect your hair, improve your hair quality, fix your hair problems. Do they really work? I can only say some of them are gimmicks.

Luxurious Material

Using luxurious material will increase a hair dryer’s cost. You can see how pricy a Dyson is after they add some gold to the dryer. Some fancy hair dryers are even handcrafted and sourced from Europe. Then we can understand an average selling price will not cover the cost.

Imported From Abroad

Just like I said, some fancy expensive dryers are made outside of the USA. We will pay import tax and high shipping fees indirectly. If you want to check their prices without tariff involved, you should go to the online stores that are based in their local countries.

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