Top 5 Versatile Hair Dryer Brushes in 2020 – Dry & Style

#1. What’s a Hair Dryer Brush?

A hair dryer brush is the combination of a built-in dryer and a brush. With a hair dryer brush, you do not need to apply a variety of products and detangle your hair step by step after blow-drying your hair. You can detangle and smoothen your hair with the bristles when drying your strands simultaneously.

#2. Hair Dryer Brush vs Hot Air Brush vs Styler

We’ve seen many fake promotions & reviews saying that they have the best hair dryer brushes. However, they are listing their straightening stylers or curling stylers that do not come with a dryer’s function on their website.


So, what is the difference between these products that have pretty similar looks?

The differences between these hair tools may confuse people at the very beginning. But one thing is extremely vital, a hair dryer brush needs to function like a real blow dryer. It dries your hair! It can be used on wet hair! A real hair dryer brush can blow air from its vents. Those who claim their products can deliver heat but only used for styling hair are not a real hair dryer brush. They just simply put the keyword ‘hair dryer brush’ in their products’ title, which is not responsible.

People will usually use those hot air brushes or stylers that do not blow air to create various hairstyles after blowing out their hair. Therefore, plain hot air brushes or stylers are not for drying hair use. Although they have a high temperature because it is easier for styling hair.

In a word, you can use styling brushes to straighten or curl your hair when your hair is damp or dry, but you do not expect them to dry your hair without a blow dryer. If you need a brush that can style and dry your hair at the same time, you either go for a hair dryer that has a brush attachment like Dyson Supersonic or you can see these real hair dryer brushes in part 4.

#3. Hair Dryer Brush vs Standard Blow Dryer

Hot air dryer brushes are for people who have problems with tangled hair. Compared with straightening your hair with a normal blow dryer. It’s easier to style your hair without using two hands holding different tools together.

Although we have comb attachment for our hair dryers that can use to deal with the tangles & knots, a hair dryer brush styler can deliver the heat and airflow more effectively through its 360 degreed airflow holes.

The hair dryer brushes also enable you to create curls and waves by brushing your hair with hot air and lock your style with cool air. This is more convenient than styling & maintaining curls with a blow dryer’s diffuser attachment.

#4. Best 5 Hair Dryer Brushes for You to Choose

Choosing a safe and nice brush for drying and styling hair can be tough. You should always put your safety in the first place. A great hair dryer brushes should have a cool tip to prevent your hand from getting burnt, and the plugs should be ETL approved & ALCI Safety approved. Usually, a fine-tooth brush helps you detangle your hair and a coarse-tooth round brush helps you to create waves.

Now, let’s see these hair dryer brush game-changers.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush

As the most popular all-in-one hair dryer brush online, this Revlon hair dryer brush can dry your hair quickly with its energy-saving motor. You may think 1100 watt does not sound like a powerful unit, but it’s protective and effective to use a low wattage in a hair dryer brush since your hair will touch the airflow directly.

The dryer brush comes with an ion generator in its tiny body, and the negative ion technology will keep frizz and static away. In order to help you style hair carefully, It has 3 heat/speed settings that allow you to switch one to another at any time.

2. Aibesser One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush

The Aibesser is a top-ranked 5 in 1 hot air brush that can be work as a hair dryer, straightener, hair curler, comb and paddle brush. The ergonomic and the lightweight design give you a comfortable feeling and you will not feel tired by drying and styling hair.

The hair dryer brush provides you with a 1000 watt power and 2 speed, 3 heat settings. So it performs great with its decent airflow rate and its 360°rotating power cord. And you will spend less drying time but receive a better result as it has an ionic & ceramic feature for delicate hair care.

3. Conair Infinitipro Hot Air Spin Dryer Brush

You can enjoy blowing out hair in the comfort of your home with a very friendly budget by buying this Conair Infinitipro hair dryer brush.

To get silky and sleek hair, the tourmaline and ceramic are must for a dryer. Of course, Conair did a good job of having an ion generator that can release up to 100 times more negative concentrated ions.

It adds volume and shines the cuticles of your hair and it protects you from heat damage. There is a spin function that you can choose to turn on/off, it rotates the brush in 2 directions and alleviates hand fatigue.

4. HOT TOOLS Professional Charcoal Infused One Step Hair Dryer Brush

Fancy and textured, that is the first impression when people see this Hot Tools one-step hair dryer brush. The cover of the body is finished with 24 Gold color.

With charcoal and ions infused, it will promise your hair to be healthier and voluminous. The dryer brush is ideal for any type of hair. Whether you have natural curly hair or black straight hair, you can enjoy feeling the gentle airflow coming out of the vents when it giving your hair full protection. Their controlling system is smart and easy that you can rotate the bottom to set temperatures with 3-speed settings.

5. Jinri One-Step 1000watt Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush


Jinri hair dryer brush provides styling versatility and impressive performance on all hair types. The included bristle brush can be work as a curling brush You just need to roll your brush and warp your hair, and you will get a nice curly hair within a short time. The dryer keeps the hair on its best condition with ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technologies, leaving you no worries.

What needs to highlight is that the model comes with an extra-long swivel cord which is convenient for hair dryer tools.


For people who need to dry and style hair simultaneously, a hair dryer brush can really buy you more time and make the styling process quick and neat. But choosing a hot air hair dryer brush can be hard and the sellers are tricky sometimes. Do not buy a hot air brush or styler by its look. Or, you probably will find you can not even dry your hair without a blow dryer. Always make sure the brush has a dryer function before you place the order.

What surprised me is that none of these real hair dryer brushes have dual voltage settings and far-infrared features. They can improve in these aspects in the future from my perspective.

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