How to Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight and Untwisted

If you don’t have a cord keeper, your hair tools’ power cords are easy to get tangled. When you try to give your wet hair a perfect blowout but suddenly find the cord of your hair dryer is twisted, how frustrating!

Using a blow dryer with a tangled clump is not only not aesthetic but also pretty dangerous. If a cord has been twisted for a long time, the power cord can break if the cord material is not durable enough, just like the ridiculous cable of the iPhone. Also, the metallic cord inside the cable can be frayed, which will cause poor electrical connections or even make the circuit breaker tripped.

So, today I am here to resolve this problem. The method applies to all types of hair tools with tangled cords including hair dryers, flat irons, curling wands, and more.

How to Straighten and Detangle Your Hair Dryer Power Cord!

Step One: Lift The Blow Dryer

Don’t start to unwind all the knots immediately because some of them are too tight to deal with. If you start with a random knot, you probably will create some new knots.

What we are going to do is to lift the hair dryer high first. Let the cord be more straight so that we can see the general structure first. Gently shake the hair dryer and some of the knots will unwind themselves.

Step Two: Loosen The Knots

Find those knots that are tight and loosen them by hand. You don’t need to completely unwind the knots because we are going to solve them one by one later. The goal of loosening them is to create loops through which we can push the power plug smoothly.

What if the knots are too tight to detangle by hand? You can find a straight pin and insert it into the center of the knot to secure the position. And slowly pull the cable or move the pin to get the knot loose. Make sure the pin should not be sharp, otherwise it can break your cable accidentally.

Step Three: Straighten The Power Cord

Pick the power plug and get it through the loops in order. Remember to follow the sequence of the knots and don’t push it through random knots. After you untwist all the knots, you’d better check if the cord will twist itself. If so, straighten the hair dryer cord by twisting it in the opposite direction. And you can flatten the cord by using a heavy item to make sure it gets straightened perfectly.

How to Keep the Power Cord Tidy and Untwisted

Tips 1: Wrap The Cord Around The Dryer Body After Use

This solution is for people who don’t have enough space in their drawers or luggage. The key is to make sure the cord is secure and won’t slip off the dryer.

Tip 2: Get a Hair Dryer Holder/Case with Cord Organizer

For people who use hair dryer at home, you can go for a professional hair dryer case that can hold the cord. The power cord can easily sit in the slots that are designed for it. And this is the best way to store those hair tools with long cords.

Tip 3: Put Your Hair Dryer Separately In a Drawer

If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can put your hair dryer in an empty drawer or cabinet separately. I did this when I did not have a blow dryer case at hand and the cable was not tangled at all. But do not put things with a long cord in the drawer after you decide to make space a spot for your hair dryer.

Tip 4: Go for Blow Dryers with Retractable or Swivel Cord

If you planning on buying a new hair dryer without cord hassles, a hair dryer with a swivel cord should be your best choice since the cord is never going to be tangled. Or if you want to keep the hair dryer is always clean and compact, you can purchase a model with a retractable cord, which allows you can conveniently store the hair dryer anywhere you like.

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