Best Picks of Flat Iron with Teeth – Why Do Flat Irons Need a Built-in Comb?

There is nothing that compares to a flat iron when it comes to straightening hair tools, that is why there are tons of flat iron options out there. But that is not to say that you should go for the most popular model right away. If you find it hard to get your hair manageable when styling, you should consider getting a flat iron with teeth.

Flat irons with teeth may look weird, but the teeth, AKA built-in comb, do provide more powerful styling ability when getting your hair straightener. You probably have never used this type of straightener. Don’t worry, we will explain how these teeth work and let you know if you need a flat iron with teeth. Let’s dive in!

Why Do Some Flat Irons Have Teeth?

Although you probably have seen some flat iron models that come with teeth, you may not know why those teeth are useful. Actually, they can help you to use the flat iron better in two main ways.

Flat Iron’s Teeth Can Detangle Your Hair Knots

To ensure the styling result to be silky and smooth, the very first step is to detangle your hair before you use the flat iron. However, it is not an easy thing to do if your hair is kinky or very curly.

One of the benefits of a flat iron with a built-in comb is that the teeth of the comb can untwist your hair knots during the straightening process. Although you will still need to smoothen your strands at the beginning,  the teeth can help you deal with those tiny knots left on your hair. When you are gliding the iron down, you are also using a comb to manage your strands in the meanwhile.

Build-in Comb’s Teeth Help Iron Plates Straighten Hair Evenly

Just like a regular comb, the teeth on flat iron plates can part your hair evenly, making every strand can be straightened perfectly by the flat irons’ heat.

If you have very thick hair, using a regular flat iron without teeth may not achieve really satisfying results. It is because the hair on the surface are likely to be burned while the middle hair layers are not straightened enough. Fortunately, a straighten with a built-in comb can solve this problem to some degree by dividing your strands into even parts and securing their positions while styling.

Who Should Use Flat Iron with Teeth?

According to the two main advantages of flat irons with built-in teeth, I would recommend people with thick and curly hair such as 4B or 4C type to give them a try. For people who don’t have thick curly hair, you can go for a regular flat iron with nice plates directly.

You know, it is almost impossible to unwind every tangled strand for people who have extremely curly tresses. That is why flat iron teeth are an easy and convenient way to make sure the flat ironing result is good as the teeth can save a lot of pre-styling work, making the straightening process more pleasant.

The 5 Best Flat Iron with Teeth for 2020 & 2021

1. BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron with Teeth

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron with Teeth

Easily an impressive and reliable flat iron with built-in teeth on the market. Its plates use porcelain ceramic, emitting negative ions for keeping hair’s moisture and infrared heat for styling strands evenly and healthily. This makes the flat iron easier and quicker to straighten hair, even for thick manes.

The BaBylissPRO ceramic flat iron offers an antistatic and removable comb that manage hair well, which helps you get hair straightened securely. Besides the versatile comb, the flat iron itself is very powerful. The product heats up very fast and the temperature can go up to 430 degrees in a minute, saving you more styling time. Moreover, the flat iron features a dual voltage feature, allowing you to use the straighten abroad.

2. InStyler Cerasilk Styling Flat Iron with Removable Comb/Teeth

InStyler Cerasilk Styling Flat Iron with Removable Comb

Coming with woven ceramic covered plates, the InStyler is a durable choice for people who are looking for a flat iron for thick hair. The compact flat iron has 4 heat settings and you can adjust the temperature from 300 degrees to 440 degrees quickly. And all of the control buttons are digital.

The product is built to give hair an excellent straightening experience, so its heater and plates are covered with ceramics, delivering even and healthy heat to every strand. InStyler claims that the flat iron is able to reduce 92% less heat damage because of their CeraSilk technology.

What is good about the comb is that the styling teeth accessory is removable, so you can use this flat iron no matter what type of hairstyle you are going to achieve.

3. Revlon Flat Iron with Smoothing Teeth

Revlon Flat Iron with Smoothing Teeth

The versatile, sleek Revlon flat iron heats up in a few minutes and features advanced cooper 3X ceramic plates. Thirty variable digital LCD heat settings allow users to change the temperature from 180 degrees F to 455 degrees F precisely.

You can fully control the temperature while styling. Besides, the small flat iron is very smart and it can automatically recall the last temperature.

As for the built-in comb, the flat iron features a slide-on smoothing comb with snag-free bristles, which helps users get better styling control and better straightening results.

4. MKBOO Hair Straightener with Wide Tooth Comb

MKBOO Hair Straightener with Wide Tooth Comb

The MKBOO flat iron is a simple and affordable option for users looking for a flat iron with teeth. The product is compact and it is covered with a black and white finish. According to MKBOO, this product comes with a short heat-up time. They claim the straightener can reach the highest temperature in 70 seconds.

With an LCD display screen, the MKBOO flat iron can show you the current temperature precisely. A 3D built-in comb comes with the flat iron, and you can get thick hair straightened quickly and perfectly with wide teeth. To provide decent heat protection against high heat damage, the flat iron also comes with ceramic and metal plates, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

5. xtava 3-in-1 Flat Iron, Curler and Brush with Teeth

xtava 3-in-1 Flat Iron, Curler and Brush with Teeth

The xtava 3-in-1 flat iron is a multifunctional hair tool that is capable of straightening, curling, and brushing hair. Compared to other flat iron with teeth, this is a special flat iron model: the brush teeth are on the outside of the plates instead of the inside.

This versatile flat iron heats up to 410 degrees in 60 seconds and it has 4 temperature settings to choose from (300 – 400 degrees). The product comes with a professional a cool tip so that you won’t accidentally burn your fingers.

When it comes to plate material, the flat iron is made of ceramic and tourmaline, giving hair more nourishment and more heat energy for a better styling experience. And its 1 inch plates are great for most hair types from short to long hair. What’s more, It comes with a long 360-degree swivel cord that gives users more flexibility during operation.

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