How to Remove the Concentrators from Your T3 Hair Dryer?

If you have a T3 hair dryer and want to replace the attachments, the first step would be to remove the concentrator nozzle from your T3 blow dryer.

How to Remove the Concentrators from the T3 Hair Dryers?

It is very easy to put off the nozzle from a T3 hair dryer, you just need to give it a pull. There is no buckle or lock inside the front end of the dryer so you will not break anything. The structure of the T3 concentrators is pretty simple, and the concentrators can attach to the dryer because their inner diameter can fit in the dryer’s vent perfectly.

But sometimes the concentrator can be stuck in the dryer’s front end. If you feel it is too tight to remove the nozzle, you can rotate the concentrator to loosen it. And pull the concentrator out while rotating the attachments.

Attaching the concentrators to the T3 hair dryers is also pretty easy, all you have to do is to insert the nozzle and make sure it is secure.

If you want to see how to do it correctly, here is a short video tutorial:

Tip on Replacing T3 Hair Dryer’s Concentrators

Be extra careful when buying a new nozzle for your hair dryer, because T3 Micro provides many types of concentrators and each of them is different in size. For example, some of them are only compatible with T3 Cura and T3 Cura LUXE hair dryer, that is to say, you can not use these concentrators on T3 Featherweight and PROi models.

So make sure you are purchasing the suitable concentrator for your T3 hair dryer first before you place the order.

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