ghd Hair Dryer Diffuser Review – Upgrade Your ghd Blow Dryer

For curly girls, having a blow dryer with a diffuser is a must to make curls and waves look good and voluminous. However, not every hair dryer would put a good-quality diffuser inside the box. Today, we are going to take a look at the expensive ghd professional diffuser and see how well it works on curly or coiled hair.

Do ghd Hair Dryers Come with a Diffuser?

If you decided to buy an expensive ghd hair dryer, you should know in advance that all the ghd hair dryers do not include a diffuser in the package (Including ghd air and ghd helios hair dryer). The only attachment you will see is a styling nozzle. With that being said, if you have curly hair, the only way to achieve the perfect blowout is to buy the ghd professional hair dryer diffuser.

ghd Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser Review

It is a very big diffuser!

Compared to other conventional diffusers that you can buy on the market, the ghd hair dryer diffuser is much bigger. And the teeth are very long so that the diffuser can lift up more hair volume and hold your curls and ringlets more securely. Overall, the ghd diffuser looks durable and compact, and the finish of the diffuser is glossy so that it won’t give your hair damage.

Not very easy to install, but it is secure

How to attach/remove the diffuser to a ghd hair dryer? It is very simple, you just need to clip the diffuser into the front end of the dryer or pull the diffuser out directly from the dryer. To be honest, it is not super easy to get the diffuser attached to the dryer compared to some high-end magnetic attachments. Luckily, it is pretty safe and steady after you put the diffuser on the dryer. The ghd diffuser won’t slip off easily like some cheap attachments.

Performance – The diffuser is excellent for curly hair!

After trying a ghd helios hair dryer with the professional diffuser, I have to say that this diffuser is a perfect fit for getting perfect curly hairstyles. After installing the diffuser, I cut 1/3 of my drying time, which is about 30 minutes previously.

This diffuser did not make my thick curls very hot during the blowing out process so I could keep delivering hot air to my strands without a pause. This is a big factor that shortens my blow-drying time. And the second reason why it faster the drying process is that the finger-like teeth can lift up and detangle heavy curls so they can be evenly dried.

With its big base, the ghd diffuser can hold a big amount of hair at one time and it offered huge hair volume, as well as a healthy hair texture that is shiny and bouncy. The distinctive air vents didn’t create any annoying noise and the airflow and temperature were delivered comfortably.


Since ghd is a high-end hair product brand, their diffuser is also pricey. The ghd professional hair dryer costs $30, which is about 2 – 3 times than those universal diffusers on Amazon. However, the diffuser is only compatible with ghd helios and ghd air hair dryers. You are not able to use the diffuser on ghd’s flight travel blow dryer.

Conclusion: The Diffuser Is Worth The Money

Although the ghd diffuser is fairly expensive, it is still a worthy upgrade for ghd hair dryer owners, especially for those people with curly and coiled hair.


  • Secure Attachment
  • Create Big Volume
  • Cut Drying Time Dramatically


  • Not Magnetic
  • Pricey
ghd Hair Dryer Diffuser Review
  • Design
  • Drying Time
  • Curly Hair Volume
  • Hair Gloss
  • Price


The ghd diffuser is a great value overall, with a great performance on defining curly hair. Its price slightly higher than other regular diffusers, but it is worthy to purchase if you have a ghd hair dryer at home.

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