Dyson Hair Dryer Diffuser Review – Expensive Accessories

Since Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is one of the most expensive hair dryers that we can buy on the market, we will be wondering if the Dyson hair diffuser is fancier than other regular diffusers too?

The Dyson diffuser is a useful dryer attachment for people with curly hair and it is only compatible with Dyson Supersonic hair dryers. In this review, we will find out what advantages the diffuser has and we will see how good the diffuser is.

How Many Types of Diffusers Does Dyson Have?

Currently, there are two types of diffusers for you to choose from when you are buying a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. One is the Dyson diffuser with long prongs, which is for defining hair curls and waves and fastening the blow-drying time. The other diffuser is called “Gentle air”, which is designed for sensitive scalps that need cooler and comfortable airflow.

But you might need to know is that there is only one diffuser in the box, the “Gentle air” diffuser is not included in the package when buying a Supersonic dryer, so you need to buy it as an additional complimentary attachment. And we haven’t tried the “Gentle air” yet, so the review is only about the regular Dyson diffuser that comes with the dryer.

Dyson Hair Dryer Diffuser Review

Design: The Dyson Diffuser Has a Large Base

Unlike those cheap small diffusers, the Dyson hair dryer diffuser comes with a very big base that can hold thick curls and heavy waves. It is not very deep inside and the prongs are not very long compared to other high-end diffusers that we have seen, but many tiny air vents are offered to give you fast and even airflow.

The best part of Dyson’s attachments is that the magnetic diffuser is particularly quick and convenient to clip in. In my past styling experience, it usually takes about 30 seconds to put an attachment on securely while I can get the job done in one second with Dyson’s magnetic diffuser.

Performance: It’s Great for Making Curls & Waves Bouncy

For people who have curly, coiled, and wavy hair, the diffuser is very useful and good-performance.

First off, I have to admit that the Dyson diffuser is not the best diffuser when it comes to creating hair volume, because the teeth of the diffuser are not long enough to lift up curly hair that is very heavy and thick. But it does not mean this diffuser is not worth-using. On the contrary, it is a really good diffuser in terms of blow-drying results and styling experience.

The diffuser can cut your drying time significantly if you have curly hair, and it won’t make your curls lose shapes. I love it when I place my hair ends on the diffuser and it makes them pretty bouncy and shiny. To get rid of frizzy curls, this diffuser’s vents disperse air evenly and gently, leaving your hair smooth and silky.

My Verdict: If you have a Dyson Supersonic, the diffuser is amazing

I am not going to say the Dyson diffuser is the best diffuser that I have used, but it is the best diffuser for the Dyson hair dryer without any doubt (since you only have one option).

Generally speaking, it is a great diffuser that helps users to dry and define curls and waves better. And it does not come with any obvious disadvantages. The only thing I want Dyson to improve is that the prongs can be longer. And the $39.99 selling price may look expensive, but I personally think it is fair considering the magnetic feature and excellent exterior material.

Dyson Hair Dryer Diffuser Review
  • Design
  • Styling Experience
  • Blow Drying Result
  • Price


For Dyson Supersonic hair dryer users, the diffuser is the only choice. Luckily, the diffuser is a fairly decent diffuser. It achieves good styling results and saves more drying time for curly hair.

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