Dog Hair Dryer vs Human Hair Dryer

A great hair dryer gives your pal a nice and glossy blowout. But do you know there are some differences between a dog hair dryer and a human hair dryer when used on your pet’s hair?

Dog Hair Dryer vs Human Hair Dryer – Differences

Dog hair dryers nowadays are available with very powerful drying motors, all with strong airflow so that they can dry your dog’s hair quickly even if it’s very thick. Normally, a human hair dryer’s wattage is from 1200W – 2000W while a dog hair dryer can reach over 3500W.

Speaking of drying performances, dog dryers do not have many fancy features and technologies, which will make human hair more sleek and smooth. But they are great for protecting dogs’ fur and hair with lower temperature settings.

Also, dog hair dryers do perfectly well for drying dogs thanks to their long hose and big drying attachments, you don’t have to hold a handheld dryer anymore with a light hose and the attachments designed for dogs are helpful for grooming large dogs since their hair takes forever to blow dry. Additionally, the hose and special filter for dogs can resist debris and dog hair inhalation, which is likely to happen on a human hair dryer.

Dog Dryer or Human Dryer?

There’s no question here: dog hair dryers are designed for dogs and cats, it’s definitely more suitable for them. The question is: is a dog dryer really worth buying compared to a human dryer? Should I Buy a Dog Dryer?

My answer is: not every dog needs a dog hair dryer. If your dog is large and it takes a long time to dry the hair, a dog hair dryer is a convenient tool to purchase. But a dog hair dryer is not always better – it’s bulky and heavy than a human dryer so you can’t take a dog dryer with you easily. And it’s fairly expensive as a reliable one usually costs around 100$. So if you don’t have a large, a cheap human hair dryer will do the trick perfectly.

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