BrushX One Hair Brush Review – Another Revlon Dupe?

A hair dryer brush is a powerful and versatile tool used to blow dry and style hair for nice curls and waves. You may have spent hours researching blow dryer brushes from the top brands, and you might have seen so many similar products. Today, we have a BrushX One hair dryer here and we will see if this brush is a reliable hair tool in today’s market.

BrushX One Hair Brush Review

The BrushX One brush is almost the same as the Revlon One Step, they both have a pretty big oval barrel with coarse bristles. The difference is that BrushX also have options in Black and Pink, which obviously look better than the original Revlon brush. But if you are looking for barrels that have different sizes, Revlon has more choices for you.

I’ve tested the brush from BrushX, it was a decent experience, but it didn’t deliver a surprisingly amazing result to me. The brush’s adjustable temperature is great and it gets hair curled nicely and easily. It features a tall tip that I can hold when gliding or rolling the brush downwards. In terms of hair damage, the bristles didn’t create much friction and heat damage to hair. And I was overall satisfied with the result as my hair was smooth and soft after using the brush.

However, that’s all the good things about this BrushX One hair dryer brush. Other than that, it’s just a regular blow dryer brush that you can get anywhere. Considering its $60 retail price, you can have many other options on the market. FYI, the classic Revlon only costs around $32. So the brush is actually not that cost-efficient for me.

Overall, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use this blow dryer and will love the beautiful coating more than many other brushes. However, the hair dryer brush doesn’t provide any special features or highlights that makes it a must-have. I would give the BrushX hair dryer brush a 6.5 out of 10.

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