Real vs Fake Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

What if you bought a fake Revlon One-Step hair dryer? Should you ditch it immediately? Don’t rush, we’ve tested a fake Revlon One-Step hair dryer and it actually made us pretty surprised. If you want to know what are their differences, read on to see our detailed comparison between the real Revlon One-Step and the fake one.

Real vs Fake Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

I actually got this fake Revlon One-Step on purpose since I want to test if a cheap hair dryer brush can be used on hair properly.

Do They Look the Same?

The very first thing I’d like to talk about is the design of the fake Revlon dryer. The fake Revlon dryer looks pretty similar to the original Revlon hair dryer. They come in exactly the same size and they are almost the same weight. (The real Revlon dryer is a hair heavier)

They did look identical when I opened the packages, but they were not 100% identical after I took a closer look at both of them. I would like to share some differences here so you can spot a fake Revlon One-Step hair dryer when buying.

1. The real Revlon One-Step hair dryer comes with a clear Revlon logo at the bottom while the fake one does not have it.

2. The pink color of the original Revlon One-Step hair dryer is darker than the fake one. And the real Revlon’s black components including the cool tip are matte while the fake Revlon’s surface is a bit more glossy and reflective.

3. The shape of the cool tip is different. The real one comes with a small but deep oval while the oval tip of the fake one is longer, flatter, and thinner. It is not a sign of poor making, just not on the real Air Jordan.

Real vs Fake Revlon Hair Dryer – Performance Comparison

Although the fake one’s heat settings do not look exactly the same as the real Revlon One-Step styler, it did get the job done nicely indeed.

The fake Revlon hair dryer comes with 3 heat and speed settings too, just like the authentic one. When I was using the fake Revlon hair dryer, I did not feel much difference when it comes to drying power and drying heat. The knock-off did not deliver a very bad performance and it was not stuck in the hair at all. After styling my hair, my hair looked pretty soft and shiny as well. And both hair dryers can dry and style my hair in 20 minutes.

And another thing that I noticed was that the fake and real Revlon dryers had a different sound when working. I can not judge which is louder as they are both acceptable, but the pitches are totally different.

Well, so I should go for a cheaper Revlon One-Step styler knock off? Although the fake Revlon hair dryer has a much cheaper price and it works okay, I still recommend buying the real Revlon One-Step dryer.

The first reason is that the tip of the fake Revlon dryer gets hot easily, and it is a bit inconvenient when you want to hold it to glide the brush. And the second one is that the fake Revlon dryer has a slight burning smell when working, which is not pleasant to me. Generally speaking, my option is that you don’t need to buy a knock-off just for saving a few bucks.

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