Beachwaver S1 vs S1.25 – Let’s See Your Best Curling Iron Option!

For people who love to take good care of their hair, the Beachwaver curling irons are great options to turn to. All their curling tools come with fantastic features and decent styling quality.

Sounds attractive, right? However, if you decide to purchase a Beachwaver, do you know which model your best option is? Today, we are going to make a comparison, which is about the differences between the Beachwaver S1 and the Beachwaver S1.25, let’s find out your best Beachwaver curling iron together!

Beachwaver S1 vs S1.25 – Curling Iron Comparison

They Are Nearly The Same

The Beachwaver S1 and S1.25 look pretty identical, and all the features are the same. They both come with dual voltage functions that help you use their wands and irons internationally. And their heat ranges are from 290º F – 410ºF in 30 seconds as well. The S1 and S1.25 curling irons both come with a clamp, plus the digital temperature display, they are very safe curling tools to use too.

What’s The Difference?

The main differences lie in two aspects:

Barrel Sizes

Obviously, the Beachwaver S1.25 has a bigger curling barrel than the S1. Actually, their names have already told us directly that the diameter of the Beachwaver S1 is 1 inch while the S1.25 comes with a 1.25-inch curling barrel.

To be clear, although the barrel of the Beachwaver S1.25 is wider and bigger than the S1, they do have the same length. Both S1 and S1.25 feature a 5.5-inch rod, which is infused with ceramic that delivers heat effectively and protects your hair prevent from burning easily. The only difference is the width.

Styling Results

Different-sized barrels create different curls and waves surely. The Beachwaver S1.25 creates waves that are bigger, looser, and more relaxed. The Beachwaver S1 delivers uniform curls and waves that are more bouncy and springy.

Which Beachwaver Curling Iron Should You Buy?

If you don’t have very long hair, I strongly recommend the Beachwaver S1 as the 1″ barrel the most popular and the most commonly used barrel on the market. And it is suitable for most curly hairstyles.

The S1.25 is better when you feel your hair can not be fully wrapped around the barrel. And big barrels also can give you more relaxed curls. If you are looking for a hair tool that does not create very curly hair, the S1.25 is a good option that makes your curls more natural too.

What if my hair is very short and thin? What if I want to achieve very springy curls? Beachwaver also has a model called S0.75, which is made for adding tiny curls and ringlets to hair. That would be an excellent choice for people who love small curls.

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