How To Clean The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush?

The Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush is one of the most breakout stylers as it combines a blow dryer and a round brush together.

But I have to say that this hair dryer brush can get dirty over time. Dirt, hair, and other residues can build up.

We don’t want our freshly washed hair to be ruined by the disgusting bristles, so here is the way to clean the Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush. With this method, you can also clean any hot hair dryer brushes including Hot Tools One Step Blowout & Dry Bar Double Shot. You can also see our post if want to know how to clean a traditional handheld blow dryer.

Without further ado, let’s go!

1. What Things Do You Need to Start Cleaning The Blow Dryer Brush?


There are a few things that you need to prepare so that we can thoroughly clean the Revlon dryer brush.

First, a small scissor that helps you get all the tangled hair out. A dish detergent that we are going to mix with water. (you can also use your shampoo to replace the detergent as it has a better smell, but a detergent performs better when it comes to cleaning the grease & residue), you also need a used toothbrush to completely clean the blow dryer brush body. Last but not least, a cloth that wipes off the dirty stuff.

2. Cut Off The Long Tangled Hair Stuck In The Brush

Before we clean the brush bristles, we are going to deal with the hair stuck in the bristles. We don’t have to detangle every strand by our hands, the small scissor will do the job for you.

We just need to take the small scissor and go down each row and each column, which makes it easy to get the hair clumps out. And you can get the repulsive residue out of the slots and the filter at the bottom with the tip of your scissor as well.

You should be careful when doing this, don’t cut off the bristles accidentally.

3. Brush The Hair Dryer Brush With The Detergent Mixture

Mix the detergent with water and give the blow dryer a few sprays on the brush barrel, but don’t make the blow dryer too wet as water can damage the dryer. Clean the bristles and the barrel with an old toothbrush. A toothbrush with a small brush head is highly recommended as it can go down to the vents and dig out hair and grime easily.

Just like how we cut the hair wraps around the bristles, we will brush the bristles from every angle with the toothbrush till they are brand-new. If there is any visible hair that can not be cleaned by the toothbrush, use your hands and the scissor accordingly to get them out.

You may see debris coming out with the detergent mixture, wipe that off with a dry towel and make sure the water won’t go through to the dryer motor.

4. Polish Your Blow Dryer Brush With a Towel

Some people will rinse their Revlon stylers under the faucet, it is actually risky.

Since it’s an electronic product, I believe the dryer should be away from water as possible. That’s also why I said that we should dry the barrel with a towel when we are cleaning it with our toothbrush.

In the last step, we need a damp cloth to wipe down all the stains and water left on the surface of the hair dryer styler. You should use a lint-free towel and dry the barrel gently. After that, just let the styler sit for a few minutes, then you have a brand-new Revlon hair dryer brush.

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  1. Does anyone know how to clean the lint filter on the bottom of this unit? It doesn’t unscrew to come off so you can remove the lint build up.

  2. Blame the product engineers. They know exactly what they’re doing! All they need to do is put 2 small screws on the frame of the filter screen. That would make it too EZ for the consumer to fix. So instead they want the purchaser to go out and buy a new one (so the same issue can recur 6 months later).


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