How To Blow Dry A Middle Part Like A Pro in 3 Steps

A middle part is elegant, so many people love the hairstyle, just like you and me. But, the hair look can not stay beautiful forever if you don’t know how to keep it in the best condition.

Now if you recently just got a middle part, you may be wondering how to blow dry it correctly?

Guess what? Today I’m showing you how to blow dry a smooth middle part after the shower in a few steps, you just need a blow dryer and a brush to get the job done perfectly! So you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through webpages or Youtube videos looking for ways for styling your middle part. No time to read? Jump to the video tutorial right now!

How To Blow Dry A Middle Part Like A Pro

Step One: Detangle Your Hair

Start by detangling your freshly washed hair so the drying result would not be messy and frizzy, you can choose a nice comb or a round brush to do the job.

The detangling direction is not a big deal in this step as long as you can get all your strands manageable. I prefer starting from the center part of my head and I usually will brush my hair sections to the right first and then to the left to ensure all my hair is good.

If your hair is kinky, the brush could be stuck in hair. Don’t brush too hard then, a hair primer with natural oil may help as it can add more nourishment and moisture to the hair finish, making your hair smooth and shiny after the blowout.

Step Two: Roughly Dry Your Hair Till It’s Damp

Before you blowdrying your hair, make sure you have used a heat protectant that helps you get rid of heat damage and hair frizz. Or else, the perfect middle part will be ruined by annoying flyaways and split ends.

We don’t style the middle part immediately because we want to shorten our drying time as much as possible, so a rough blow drying process is important.

If you want to create more hair volume on the top of the middle part, you can comb through the center hair area with your finger and deliver the airflow in the opposite direction. Besides, you can opt-in a hair spray that is specialized in getting hair volume.

Step Three: Section Your Hair & Blow Dry Hair Sections Side By Side

To achieve a sleek middle part, section your hair down to the middle is the first thing to do. And you can secure the center part of your top hair with a hair clip in case the right side of your hair affects the middle part shape when you are blow-drying your left section.

You can use a paddle brush that is more suitable for straight & sleek middle parts or a round brush that is good for adding waves to your hair. Brush your left hair sections to the left, and direct the hot airflow to the brush when blow-drying. And then follow the same steps to finish the right side.

Don’t remember to use a hair dryer nozzle when you are blow-drying your hair section, which is going to faster the drying time and the airflow is more concentrated for fixing the look.

Finally, remove the hair clip and adjust the middle part look of your top hair with your hands gently. A nice middle part blowout is done.

You can also check out the useful video tutorial that I found, the steps are basically the same as mine.

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